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Fencing of vacant lands… Allowing commercial activities and no exemption from “white fees”

The “Guideline for Fencing Space Lands” project allowed the use of fenced space land to establish commercial activities that are permitted to be established after obtaining regular permits for their establishment, indicating that the owner of the land is fully responsible for the fence and its maintenance, and for any damage caused to it and for maintaining the cleanliness of the entire land.
The project, which was put forward by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing through the “Istikla” platform of the National Competitiveness Center – a copy of which was seen by Al-Eqtisadiah – stipulates that obtaining a fencing license and fencing the land do not exempt from white land fees.
The evidence required the owner of the land to correct the fence in the event of a difference in implementation from what was adopted when issuing the fencing license for the vacant land, and that in the event of a number of adjacent lands belonging to one owner, a unified model is applied, and it does not require the construction of an internal wall separating the plots of land.
The project required taking into account the regulations and models of the Royal Commissions and Development Commissions in the event that the land falls within the scope of the Commission’s supervision and coordination with the Secretariat in this regard, in addition to the government agencies coordinating with the Secretariat to fence off their empty lands.
The project emphasized the removal of the fence to the vacant land in the event of activity on the ground, in addition to not obligating the lands endowed by the competent authorities to fence until the removal of the obstacle.
And he stressed that the supervisory authority in the Municipality / Municipality should examine the pavement after the completion of the implementation works of the wall to ensure that there are no damages resulting from its construction.
The project set two conditions for issuing the license through the Baladi platform, which included contracting with an engineering office classified with the Ministry to issue a cadastral report through the Baladi platform for the land to be issued a license to fence a vacant land on, and authorizing an engineering office to issue a license to fence a vacant land through the Baladi platform.
He explained that the license for fencing the land space is issued through the platforms of the secretariats that are not related to the Baladi platform, and coordination with the concerned secretariat located within the scope of its supervision to ensure the requirements and regulations for licensing the land space fence.
The Ministry’s strategy in dealing with the file of visual distortion comes through a series of pillars that aim to enhance the visual attractiveness of cities, the most prominent of which is setting controls for urban design and imposing a set of rules and regulations to activate these controls, in addition to working to modify the culture and behavior of citizens and operational businesses in line with improving general cultural scene.
The vacant land located on the roads and streets is one of the most important elements that must be controlled and unified with the surrounding buildings in a civilized manner in order to improve the quality of the urban landscape and achieve the goals of the Ministry in improving the visual landscape in Saudi cities. Accordingly, the Ministry has prepared this guide with the aim of improving the urban landscape on the roads and streets of cities. And the main axes of the movement.

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