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Ferrari is still looking for ways to keep its twelve cylinders alive

Ferrari is still looking for ways to keep its twelve cylinders alive

Many automakers, using twelve-cylinder engines, are gradually moving away from smaller volumes and supercharging, or plug-in hybrid or straight-electric motors. The newly launched Ferrari 812 Competizione goes against the tide – it holds the massive V12 engine without supercharging. Moreover, the new engine is the most powerful internal combustion engine in a road car in the brand’s history.

In an interview with Top Gear magazine, Enrico Galliera, head of marketing and sales at this popular Italian automaker, described the 12th cylinder as “a part of the company’s history” and a “certain heart of Ferrari”. He emphasized that the engineers wanted to “find ways to keep it alive,” adding that he was confident that the days of the twelve-cylinder atmosphere had not yet been numbered.

Ferrari Technical Director Michael Litters confirmed his words. According to him, the 6.5-liter V12 engine, which the automaker used in the 812 Competizione, still had room for improved performance and efficiency. “Of course, we need to do thorough research and development to preserve this column of Ferrari,” he said.

Competing Ferrari 812

Photo: Ferrari

“But at the same time, we are working with other technologies to make sure we are ready for the future. We know how to build a charged engine in the atmosphere, we know how to build a supercharged engine and how to build a hybrid system. So we have the technology to determine the best option for the future,” Galaira concludes.

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