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Ferrari is the new maximum of twelve cylinders in the atmosphere

Ferrari is the new maximum of twelve cylinders in the atmosphere

The sharp new Ferrari will have the latest version of the naturally aspirated V12 engine under the hood, which will produce 830 hp, making it the most powerful internal combustion road car Ferrari has ever offered. Moreover, the motor is so unique that it can run at 9,500 rpm while at rest.

Compared to the standard 812 Superfast model, the Limited Edition has a heavily modified V12 engine with new components, and the valve and exhaust system timing varies. The chassis has also been improved to provide better handling and excitement behind the wheel. The car is equipped with independent steering for all four wheels.

One of the most distinctive features of the Limited Edition is undoubtedly the new-looking chassis, which Ferrari has worked on in a wind tunnel and in many computer simulators. The goal was to maximize the car’s downforce, which is why the car had a new air source, a large rear diffuser, adjustable exhaust ends and a special design for the rear wheels.

Apparently, the ultra-light materials were not excluded either, so the car should be lighter than the regular versions. However, the official figures have not yet been published.

The car’s premiere on May 5 will provide a complete look at the exciting new limited edition without a doubt. Ferrari has prepared a number of surprises for its customers, including a slightly redesigned interior, which has largely accounted for most elements of the standard 812 Superfast.