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Ferrari sports car is going to cause a stir!  Take a look at the first pictures of Purosange

Ferrari sports car is going to cause a stir! Take a look at the first pictures of Purosange

Only two things are certain – this is the first official teaser image and the Purosangue will be shown this year. Ferrari confirmed both to us. She posted the photo on her social media, adding: “Wait for the real change. You’ll find everything later this year.”

Unofficial, but it’s also certain that it won’t just be a redesigned Maserati Levante, as you may have read somewhere, but it will actually be an entirely new model built on a new chassis platform. True, the test mules were camouflaged in the form of Levante body panels and that the technicians paid attention to them, but upon closer examination, it turned out that the overall proportions were not appropriate. Just look at the spy photos carefully.

And now there are new photos on the Internet, which are no longer test mules, but quite convincing prototypes. The only question is whether Ferrari will gradually phase out the camouflage, or keep it for the grand finale.

Photo: Ferrari

Ferrari recently leaked images of the Purosangue straight from the factory and a new official teaser confirms their authenticity

We now know for sure that the Purosangue will have a front mid-engine and that it will be powered by a twelve-cylinder fork and a six-cylinder hybrid version, which were already introduced in Model 296 GTB. We remind you that we are talking about the parameters of 830 horsepower and 740 Nm, and it is not difficult to have heretical thoughts about whether this is one interesting engine It wouldn’t be more suitable for an SUV because the electric motor and the massive torque could do a lot of useful work.

It should also be noted that in Maranello they repeatedly claimed that it would be a Ferrari with everything and that according to the pictures that (probably) escaped from the factory and test mules, it would not be a paranoid SUV, as many feared, but rather a larger one, a Ferrari FF. After all, the name Purosangue, meaning “Thoroughbred”, sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Both Porsche and Lamborghini have shown that the Cayenne and Urosa are in business (not just on the road, but primarily commercial), so why not Ferrari. How about the fact that the late FCA president Sergio Marchionne once said, “Ferrari SUVs? You will have to shoot me first!”

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