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Fictional Prince Pavel Travnicek (70 years old): digging up the ends of his relationships

Fictional Prince Pavel Travnicek (70 years old): digging up the ends of his relationships

Although Monica Travnishkova, 35, claims that she upset the police because her husband did not report or answer the phone and was afraid of him and his son Maximilian, eyewitnesses claim it was a sensational exchange. He said, “There is no crisis.” the lawn. Monica struggles to give the impression that someone wants to break up their family.

pirate attack…

That she would become more involved, beyond profession, with a violinist Jaroslav Svuchiniflatly refuses. It is only said that she is his manager! “Monica decided to live with Yaroslav Svisyni,” Travnichik wrote some time ago on Facebook, saying that she wanted to deprive him of his son. He later cleared the case and the couple stated in unison that it was a hacking attack.

live freely

Through karma, the sins of youth return to the former Bonvivan. He would leave his wives and girlfriends whenever he felt compelled. “I married a prince and the prince lives in a very bad condition,” she said. Simona Stasova (66) His second wife. They stayed together for five years. He also married the dancer Eva Shtivkova. “I lived very freely, so I didn’t have any family,” he admitted with his self-criticism, reviewing the 1970s.

Pavel Trávníček gave up his participation in StarDance: Monika brought him back to the game

Fear of aging

Perhaps it is not worth mentioning that the interest in alcohol is also in the nature of free thinking. “He didn’t know what kind of grandmother and which party to jump first. He thought his train was leaving. At the age of forty, he was standing in front of the mirror, watching to see if there was anything left of the prince. He wasn’t interested in any of the sons,” and he didn’t hand him Ex-partner and mother of one of his sons Helena Ditretova.

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Drama in Travníček! Monica called the police. Actress Noha suffered a heart attack on set

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