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FIFA strips Kuwaiti Bader Al-Mutawa of the title of Dean of World Players – Athlete – International Stadiums

The International Football Association (FIFA) stripped the veteran Kuwaiti star, Bader Al-Mutawa, of the title of uncle of the world’s players.

FIFA removed Badr Al-Mutawa from the top of the list of players who participated in international matches with the national team.

Badr Al-Mutawa, 36, snatched the title of Dean of World Players from the Egyptian Ahmed Hassan, as the most player to participate in international matches with his country, after reaching 185 meetings with the Kuwaiti national team during the month of June.

However, FIFA had a different opinion, by publishing a new list of players with the most international matches, topped by former Malaysian star Se Chin An, with a score of 195 games, which he played while representing his country between 1969 and 1984, while Al-Mutawa fell to second place.

This came after FIFA recognized a large number of matches played by Se Chin An with the Malaysian national team, at the request of the Malaysian Football Association. According to Russia Today.

Some records mention that the former Malaysian defender played more than 220 matches with the Malaysian national team, but a large number of them are not recognized by FIFA.

The 71-year-old Malaysian star commented on receiving the title of “Dean of the World Players” by saying: “I would like to thank FIFA and the Malaysian Football Association for this honor. I am very confused to confirm this record, this is the highest honor for me.”

Nearly a month and a half after Al-Mutawa received the title of Dean of World Players, a difficult task now awaits him, after he has to play 11 more international matches in order to break the number of the Malaysian star who retired in 1988.

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The new update of the list also came as a shock to the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who equaled the number of the Iranian player, Ali Daei, and became the world’s top scorer historically at the level of teams, and he was Yemeni in breaking the number of international participations before retiring, to come “FIFA” and make the matter more difficult.

Ronaldo, who turns 37 next February, fell to sixth place in the new list, with 179 international matches, one game behind veteran Spaniard Sergio Ramos, who slipped to fifth place.

Although Ronaldo has confirmed on more than one occasion that he will continue to play at the highest level until the age of 40, his task now to combine the title of “world scorer” and “dean of world players” has become very complicated, as he is required to play 17 international matches to exceed the Malaysian number. Se Chin An.

The following is the list of the dean of world players after the FIFA update:

1 – Se Chin An – Malaysia – 195 matches

2- Bader Al-Mutawa – Kuwait – 185 matches

3- Ahmed Hassan – Egypt – 184 matches

4- Ahmed Mubarak – Oman – 182 matches

5- Sergio Ramos – Spain – 180 games

6- Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal -179 games

7- Mohammed Al-Deayea – Saudi Arabia – 178 matches

8 – Claudio Suarez – Mexico – 177 games

9- Gianluigi Buffon – Italy – 176 games

10- Amer Shafie – Jordan – 171 matches

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