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فيفي عبده

Fifi Abdo: It doesn’t mean that I wrap something on my brain, so I’m veiled | news

The star, Fifi Abdo, commented on the rumors that spread about her wearing the hijab because of her appearance in videos while covering her head.

Fifi Abdo said: “I don’t want to see the hijab, I wear it when I am going for Hajj or Umrah, or before I sleep, because there is a lot of need on my brain, and by speaking to the audience in the live, it does not mean that I veiled,” according to her statements to the “Ink Secret” program presented by Asma Ibrahim Ali. The “Cairo and the People” screen.

And Fifi Abdo continued: I take any clothes I wore in any work to avoid any harm, I pay money and get it, I do not like for someone else to wear my clothes.

She added: I am a light star. I can do my normal job, but I envy him.

The “Ink Secret” program, presented by the media, Asma Ibrahim, is shown on the screen of Cairo and the People every Thursday and Friday at 11 pm.

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