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FilGoal |  News |  A statement from the Hussein Labib committee to respond to the "accusations"

FilGoal | News | A statement from the Hussein Labib committee to respond to the “accusations”

Hussein Labib at a conference to present the new Zamalek shirt with Tempo company

The previous committee that was charged with managing Zamalek issued a statement today, Tuesday, to respond to what they described as lies and accusations.

The committee, headed by Hussein Labib, indicated that it is in the process of holding a press conference in the coming days to clarify the facts, as stated in the statement.

The full statement of the committee was as follows:

The committee that was tasked with managing the Zamalek Club, headed by Captain Hussein Labib, announces that when it was honored to assume its mission, it adhered to a set of constants, the most important of which is full respect for all parties and hard work for the benefit of Zamalek Club in accordance with their values, morals and appreciation of the state institutions that assigned them the matter and in a manner that suits the value and position of the club to which they belong. .

Thanks to God and the support of loyal members of the club and its fans, the committee was able to achieve many achievements at all levels until the committee completed its mission and then handed over the management of the club to the competent authority.

However, those in charge of the club’s management after that, apparently disturbed by the successes achieved by the committee, went out to speak a lot of lies and inaccuracies.

As the committee adhered to restraint and contented itself with issuing a statement calling on the Ministry of Youth to announce the facts in order to preserve the prestige and dignity of all parties, but no one moved a finger and those in charge of the club’s management repeated the talk as a lie and falsehood, as their covenant with those who disagree with them, and in a failed attempt to distract the people’s attention About facts and seeking false heroism.

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And to these and to everyone, we say we have rightly committed ourselves to the values ​​of respect, chastity of the tongue, and sincere hard work in accordance with what should be the case in this country, which is progressing to inaugurate the new republic under the leadership of His Excellency President / Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

And to those who lost sight and insight and did not understand the message, we say we will stick to our pledge and speak the language that befits the members, fans and fans of the ancient Zamalek Club. We speak the facts and respect everyone, and we ask others to try to adhere to honesty and honesty.

And we say, finally, if you want to be like the owners of high rank and status, then strive to rise to them, for that is better than trying to destroy them.

And we know from the reality of past experiences and experiences that there are those who will repeat their falsehoods, twist the facts and distort the honorable people who accepted the honor of being assigned to their mission despite its difficulty and the obstacles they faced, but they accepted the challenge in extremely difficult circumstances until they completed their mission with a success that is witnessed by every fair person, so they handed over the trust and returned to their seats Members and fans of the club, this great edifice, which preserves its position and raises its prestige.

And then the committee announces that, while preserving its right to take all means that protect its rights and the rights of the Zamalek Club, it announces that it is in the process of preparing to hold an expanded press conference in which it announces to the masses, the political leadership and all concerned parties the details of what happened during the committee’s work period until now, and all facts are supported by numbers, documents and documents May we put each party before its responsibilities that it may have neglected, and perhaps others will come back to their senses and realize that they have no protection in their falsehood and stop talking nonsense, falsehood and obscene speech, and let them know that the era is not their era or they will remain silent forever.

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The temporary committee for the management of Zamalek club, by the decision of the Minister of Youth and Sports: Captain / Hussein Labib

Mr. Mohamed Al-Turbi

Captain/ Tariq Jibril

Dr. Hussein Al-Samry

Dr. Atef El-Nimr

Engineer/ Hany Berzy

Mr. Amr Adham

Dr. Hossam Al-Mandouh

Captain / Hussein El-Sayed