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FilGoal |  News |  Al-Hani Suleiman: My advice to Mustafa Schubert is to forget the people waiting for him because of his father

FilGoal | News | Al-Hani Suleiman: My advice to Mustafa Schubert is to forget the people waiting for him because of his father

Al-Hani Suleiman, the goalkeeper of Smouha, sent a message to Mustafa Schubert, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, who participated in the victory of the White Castle over the Egyptian club in Salloum.

Schubert appeared after an absence and kept a clean sheet and contributed to Al-Ahly’s qualification to the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup 2022.

Al-Hani Suleiman said on Al-Mehwar channel: “I know that Mustafa is a good goalkeeper, behaviorally and technically, but I did not wish for him to come out and speak.”

He added, “He is still at the beginning of his path and facing a great future. He must strive and train and let people speak and judge. At the beginning of the march, he must be away from statements and the media so that the public’s focus does not focus on him early.”

He continued, “Let people talk and say Mustafa is a good goalkeeper, and he is a really good goalkeeper and a very great talent, according to what goalkeepers who trained with him told me, as we saw him in the matches and his appearance well.”

And he added, “I tell him to get out of his head the issue of the pressures on him because he is the son of Captain Schubert. It is an honor for him and for anyone to have his father, Ahmed Schubert. This is something that does not disgrace him. He must deal as a junior in the club and has nothing to do with anyone.”

He explained, “I do not mean that he forget his father, but that he forgets about those who are waiting for him because of his father.”

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Mustafa Schubert had stated after the Al-Masry match with Salloum: “It is normal for this connection to occur in the presence of a big name like Ahmed Schubert, who I am honored to be my father. I will not go to everyone and ask them to watch and not say this. I get chances and when I play well people will see that.”

And about keeping a clean sheet and the potential case of stalking if he conceded a goal, he said: “If we win 2-1 or 4-1, people will talk about it. It doesn’t matter how much we score, the important thing is how much we receive. There is no goalkeeper in the world who does not receive goals, but this is our job as goalkeepers and we We are trying, it is possible that success will be present and it is possible that it may be absent.”

He continued, “For example, Thibaut Courtois is the best goalkeeper in the world. His start with Real Madrid was not good, but he continued to work and found support in the face of criticism, as happens with me in the Al-Ahly system. Now this goalkeeper has become 99% of Real Madrid’s victory in the Champions League final.”

And he continued, “I watch myself again with goalkeeper coach Michael Yancon to know my mistakes and do what I can do to improve.”

Al-Hani Suleiman turned to the Egyptian national team and defended coach Ihab Galal.

Suleiman said: “There are situations that must witness the support and endowment of all members of the football family.”

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He admitted: “I was sad that I did not join the national team because I saw myself well in the last period and was waiting to join the team.”

He added, “But I fully respect the technical staff’s point of view, these are their choices and I will continue to strive hard, and I will be present any time I am invited, and if I am not there, there is no problem either.”

He joined the Egyptian national team in the current international quartet stop, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Abu Gabal, Mohamed Sobhi and Mahmoud Gad.

Al-Hani Suleiman played 20 games with Smouha this season, during which he shook his net 25 times, and went out with clean sheets on 7 occasions.

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