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FilGoal |  News |  Amir Mortada: Our contract with Aquinola has nothing to do with his age.. and the position of the Marwan Attia deal

FilGoal | News | Amir Mortada: Our contract with Aquinola has nothing to do with his age.. and the position of the Marwan Attia deal

Amir Mortada Mansour, the football supervisor at Zamalek club, revealed that he would offer the Flambo team to hold the two matches in Cairo, and explained the details of the contract with Samson Aquinola.

Zamalek advanced to the round of 32 of the African Champions League after defeating Elect Sport with four goals without a response in the two matches, to face the Burundian Flamboe.

Amir Mortada said in statements to Sada Al-Balad channel: “We will offer the Burundian Flambo team the two home and return matches in Cairo. We always offer African teams to host them in Egypt, which is what happened with Elect Sport.”

He added, “Zamalek benefit from foreigners in the Sunni stages? It is possible that there will be foreign players born in 2001 and 2003, and we are working on that now.”

And he continued, “Mortada Mansour’s talk about the two deals? The first is Samson Agnola because it has not been announced yet. The second is an Egyptian player. I will not talk about his position. There are three candidates that we want to sign with one of them, and the matter may be postponed to January if the clubs exaggerate their financial requests.”

He continued, “Marwan Attia is a good player and I admire him, but in the end we respect Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, which did not want to sell the player, and therefore we respected their desire.”

And he continued, “Mahmoud Shabana ended his loan with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria. Al-Ittihad did not ask for him seriously again, and he will return to Zamalek again. He will take his natural role in the team and try to convince the coach of his abilities.”

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And he added, “Mahmoud Alaa prefers to leave Zamalek on loan this season, and we want to implement his desire, whether internally or externally, and we will not stand in front of him.”

Regarding the transfer of Aquinola, he said: “We contacted Caracas club four months ago to sign Samson Aquinola before talking about the presence of foreigners in the junior stages.

He continued, “We contracted Aquinola to be the first Zamalek striker with Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri. We did not evaluate him because his age is young. If he was 24 or 25 years old, we would have contracted with him as well.”

He continued, “The value of Aquinola’s transfer to Zamalek is $900 thousand.”

He continued, “Some have campaigned because often as long as Bruno Savio has a problem in Al-Ahly, there must be a problem in Zamalek as well. The contract with Aquinola came because of the coach’s needs and requests and has nothing to do with anything else.”

He concluded, “Everyone has the heart of one man to regain the African Champions League title after an absence of 20 years, and I deliberately set the African continent and the five stars that Zamalek obtained in order to be in front of the players all the time. The African Championship is a dream for all of us and we will work to achieve it.”