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FilGoal |  News |  Anas Osama: These are the scenes of my departure.. I may play for Zamalek again and Al-Ahly avoid fishing in troubled water

FilGoal | News | Anas Osama: These are the scenes of my departure.. I may play for Zamalek again and Al-Ahly avoid fishing in troubled water

Anas Osama, the Alexandria Basketball Association player, revealed the full scenes of his departure from Zamalek.

Osama joined Al-Ittihad in a free transfer deal after the end of his contract with Zamalek on the sidelines of a major legal crisis that ended with confirming the validity of his contract with the leader of the gap.

Osama said on Sada Al-Balad: “Of course I expected the decision of the Basketball Association because I know what I signed. I never signed for two teams at the same time, I did not deceive one party for the other, whether Zamalek or Al Ittihad.”

He added, “I reached an agreement on the renewal of 90% with Hussein Labib, but the thing I wanted to know was Labib’s position on entering the elections. I wanted to know which administration would come and with whom I would sign. With Labib’s departure, the agreement returned to zero.”

He continued, “After my return from Qatar and in January, I had not received my salary since July, and then I filed a complaint with the Egyptian Football Association, then I met with Mortada Mansour and Ahmed Mortada and we agreed to schedule my dues. What happened at that time was that they spoke to me about the renewal. How can we talk about renewal when I did not get my dues? We agreed on the schedule and the complaint was withdrawn.”

He pointed out: “After Mortada Mansour’s administration won the elections, the scheduling of my dues was not completed, I got the first part, and then it did not continue. Our agreement to renew occurred after I got part of my dues. I told them that I wanted to see the extent of the club’s commitment, and when the scheduling did not continue, the agreement failed again.” in March”.

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He revealed: “At that time I decided to change the terms of the contract as long as the scheduling was not adhered to, and I requested that the new contract be two years instead of 4, because I was not comfortable about the management’s financial commitment. We disagreed on other terms as well, such as professional travel in America or classified leagues once an offer arrived. They just wanted to agree to America. They saw that I changed my agreement, but I did so because of not sticking to the schedule.”

He commented: “A personal dispute with a member of the board of directors in Zamalek? I also read about a quarrel with Madame, and this is a strange thing because I never quarrel. There was a misunderstanding and wrong words transmitted to Ahmed Mortada, but there is no personal dispute with anyone in the administration and they are all my beloved.” .

He revealed: “The renewal picture? That was in the periods when we agreed on the renewal, it is an intention to announce, but there are a lot of contracts and papers that must be signed, just like the table tennis video with Mortada Mansour, I was going to him to talk about the differences in the terms of the contract. Then the video was filmed and published 3 months later. The contract I signed for this video was empty.”

He pointed out: “I signed in the Union with the same terms of the contract that I requested in Zamalek, and with the same amount of money, the salary division, and the professional clause. I was not looking for money and did not ask for an additional amount.”

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And he admitted: “I expected my appreciation more than that in Zamalek, especially since I ask for my 100% right, the same terms when I asked for them in other clubs, they agreed, so why would they refuse?”

He explained: “Until the last moment, the Zamalek administration was trying with me, but I had made my decision and psychologically decided to join the Alexandrian Federation.”

He stressed, “I was sure of the Basketball Association’s decision because I know what I signed, any change in contracts with which both parties must sign, and this did not happen in my case.”

He replied: “How will Zamalek be after my departure? I don’t know, I am not with them in training. But Zamalek is a big club, I know Arab and African clubs, accompanied by the Alexandrian Federation is the history of basketball in Egypt.”

He stressed, “Can I play for Zamalek again? I don’t have a problem, I don’t have a problem playing any club in Egypt. I give 200% to the shirt I wear, now I will be challenged as if I was born in Alexandria.”

He revealed: “Al-Ahly asked my opinion about the possibility of joining him, this philosophy was amazed, either you make me an offer or not, but there is no such thing as you can play in Al-Ahly, if you want me to make an offer. They may not be afraid in the negotiations at the time, because they can’t fish in troubled waters.” .

And he concluded: “Ahmed Osama’s departure from Zamalek because of? I don’t know. I thought it was better for him to leave so that he could participate more, but I hoped that would happen differently, for example on loan.”

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revealed Earlier from a source within the Basketball Association that The player became entitled to Al-Ittihad because of a scrape in his contract with Zamalek.

Hassan Al-Bashbishi said in statements to Sada Al-Balad channel: “Anas Osama has officially become the right of Al-Ittihad Club.”

He added, “Since last year, we have set a condition that any contract sent to the Basketball Association must be attached to the club’s internal rewards and penalties list and must be signed by the player, with three signed copies of the contract being sent with translation of its terms in English with Arabic and without any scraping or scanning. in the contract.”

He continued, “Zamalek sent its contract on August 13, and we addressed him that the sent contract did not contain a list of rewards and penalties, and there are deficiencies in the translation.”

And he continued, “Then Zamalek addressed us the next day that there was a scrape in one of the copies of the contract, and finally, Zamalek was contacted for the third time to complete his papers in terms of translation, list and scraping.”

And he continued, “A delegate from the club was supposed to arrive to receive the copies to amend them and send the list.”

And he added, “Al-Ittihad of Alexandria had complete papers from the beginning, and Zamalek did not complete what was required of him to become the player officially entitled to the Federation.”

And he concluded, “There is no suspicion of fraud in the scraping in the Zamalek contract with Anas Osama.”