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FilGoal |  News |  Dialogue in the joule

FilGoal | News | Dialogue in the joule

Mahmoud Khalil Felfel and Abdel Rahman Hamid, goalkeepers of Al-Zamalek and Al-Ahly

Niger’s trip to Al-Ahly and Zamalek and a funny situation, and what is missing from the Egyptian team to compete with adults, the role of professionalism, and the Spanish training school, was the most prominent thing that came in an interview With Mahmoud Khalil Felfel, Zamalek’s handball goalkeeper, and Abdel Rahman Hamid, Al-Ahly’s handball goalkeeper.

Al-Ahly | handball

Zamalek | handball He had an interview with the goalkeepers of the two poles and the Egyptian national team after returning from the Niger trip, which saw Al-Ahly crowned with the African Super Cup title and Zamalek with the African Cup Winners Cup.

And all of the following came in the duo’s dialogue via

Mahmoud Khalil, “Fell,” said: “The trip to Niger took 14 hours, and the hotel was not perfect. We arrived before the Al-Ahly mission, and the air conditioning was difficult and it was not easy for us. When the Al-Ahly mission arrived, it became better for us to deal as a family together.”

“At first, we thought that the air conditioners in Al-Ahly’s rooms were better than us, but we discovered that they were worse,” he added with a laugh.

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As Abdul Rahman Humaid said on the authority of The feasibility of playing in AfricaIt is said that the reason was to publish the game, but the matches were not broadcast. It was very difficult because nothing there helps to live the life of the athlete. I would have preferred the African Super match to be held in Egypt, for example, especially since the match was not broadcast.

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Hamid talked about his return from professionalism and playing for Al-Ahly He said, “I went professional in Poland in the presence of 3 guards in Al-Ahly to participate, especially since the age range is close between us.”

He continued, “I asked to leave the Polish team, and I came back after being loaned for 6 months, and I stayed in Al-Ahly because Muhammad Essam Al-Tayyar was going to become a professional.”

And he said Felfel on Egypt’s competition for titlesWe do not lack anything in competition with the top players. Denmark is the world champion and the Olympics. We lost them on penalty kicks. We won the Olympics over Sweden and Germany. We have 10 professionals in addition to Al-Ahly and Zamalek players. Everyone is working for us like France and Spain in the last Olympics.

And he added, “The last two years, no team has won us by a big difference. In the big matches, we lost against Sweden by one goal, and against Denmark by penalty kicks.”

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And he continued, “After the loss from France in the semi-finals, the effect of the psychological factor with fatigue against Spain appeared, especially as we play in the same style as them, and whoever made a mistake less is the one who won the match.”

“It became very easy to compete for the golden square,” he stressed.

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And he said Humaid about the Spanish School in Training: “Spain has the best coaches in the world, and most of them are the winning team, whether on Spanish clubs or teams. They are currently the strongest in the world.”

While Felfel said: “The Spaniards rely more on the technical factor than the bodies like the Scandinavian teams, and this is the secret of the success of that school with Egypt.”

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and spoke Pepper about the departure of the shield brothers from Zamalek, saying:Yahya has been in Zamalek for 4 years and Saif for a season. We have elements of experience and we will need support. Yahya’s departure will surely affect, we have names that combine experience and youth, most of them play in the Egyptian national team, and I hope that we maintain our level.”

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while touching Hamid to talk about whether Al-Ahly players enter psychologically defeated in front of Zamalek He said: “Zamalek is the Egyptian national team and they have great experience, unlike Al-Ahly. Their age is smaller. Perhaps they are more likely, but we can win a championship or two.”

“In the coming years, there will be competition between the two parties,” he explained.

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You can watch the duo competition in the quick question game and find out the winner.

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Abdel Rahman Hamid Mahmoud Khalil Felfel Mahmoud Khalil Felfel and Abdel Rahman Hamid, the guards of Zamalek and Al-Ahly, a conversation in the Joule