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FilGoal |  News |  Mostafa Hajji: I worked with these players for years, but what I see is unbelievable

FilGoal | News | Mostafa Hajji: I worked with these players for years, but what I see is unbelievable

Mustafa Hajji, the former coach of the Moroccan national team, made it clear that his country’s national team can continue to achieve miracles in the 2022 World Cup.

Morocco will play in the World Cup semi-finals with France on Wednesday.

“What is happening with the Moroccan national team in the World Cup is exceptional. Walid Regragui found the way to bring out the best players and create a team with a good mental state like Assad,” Hajji said in statements reported by the Moroccan tournament website.

The former Moroccan star added, “The Moroccan team plays with heart and soul, with an ideal state of mind. With a coach of this level, we can develop and perform miracles.”

He added, “Everyone is fighting for the other, and there is an extraordinary solidarity. I have worked with these players for several years and know them by heart, but to see them with such fighting spirit on the field, is unbelievable.”

And he continued, “Against France, it may be more difficult, because they have stars on both sides, such as Kylian Mbappe, Kingsley Coman and Osman Dembele.”

He concluded, “I hope that our players will recover before the match, because we must be physically active, so as not to miss the opportunity.”

The Moroccan national team wrote history by ascending to the World Cup semi-finals at the expense of Portugal with a free goal.

Youssef Al-Nusairi scored Morocco’s only goal in the match with a header in the 41st minute, after a cross from Yahya Atiyatallah.

Morocco became the first Arab and African team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup.

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And the third team to qualify for the World Cup semi-finals from outside the continents of South America and Europe, after America 1930 and South Korea 2002.

Adel Youssef Al-Nusairi, the Moroccan national team player, equaled the record as a historical goal for the Arab teams in the World Cup.

Moroccan player Adel No. Sami Al-Jaber, Salem Al-Dosari and Wahbi Al-Khazri scored 3 goals each.

Al-Nusairi had scored a goal in the 2018 edition against Spain.

He also raised his goal tally to two in the current edition, after scoring against Canada in the group stage.

Al-Nusairi became the historic scorer for the Moroccan national team in the World Cup, overtaking Salah El-Din Bassir, Abdel-Jalil Hadda “Camacho” and Abdel-Razzak Khairi.

Al-Nusairi became the first player from Seville and the first Arab player to score in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.