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FilGoal |  News |  The CEO clarifies the truth of the dispute between Ghali and Abdel Hafeez... and the unprecedented act of Al-Damati in Al-Ahly

FilGoal | News | The CEO clarifies the truth of the dispute between Ghali and Abdel Hafeez… and the unprecedented act of Al-Damati in Al-Ahly

Saad Shalaby, Al-Ahly’s CEO, stressed that there are no differences in the club’s board of directors or between members of the board of directors and officials in the football team.

Shalaby spoke on the Sada Al-Balad channel in response to his question about the fact that there are differences between Hossam Ghaly, a member of the board of directors, and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the director of football.

Shalaby said: “Hossam Ghaly knows all the controls that Al-Ahly follows and knows the traditions of work in the club, as well as Sayed Abdel Hafeez, and everything that is said in this regard has no basis in truth.”

He added, “Mohamed Al-Damaty, a member of the board of directors, did something that had never happened in Al-Ahly’s history and violated the club’s principles, after he discussed matters related to Al-Ahly on social media.”

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He continued, “There can be different points of view, but the decisions in Al-Ahly come out by the majority, and everyone must respect them.”

He continued, “There are no differences in Al-Ahly’s board of directors, and what was addressed did not happen in the history of Al-Ahly at all, and it violates the club’s traditions.”

He pointed out, “There was no talk between Al-Khatib and Al-Damati, and the discussion between them will be within the Al-Ahly Council.”

Shalaby moved to talk about the privatization of the club and the separation of the football sector, saying: “Al-Ahly is the best financial management in Africa and the best budget, and it is carefully reviewed by the Egyptian state.”

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And he added, “The club’s new branch in New Cairo has an area of ​​50 acres and is two and a half times larger than the main branch. Al-Ahly received the licenses for its companies from the Minister of Sports.”

He continued in his statements, “Al-Khatib was keen to visit the Minister of Sports to follow up the investigation process in the African final crisis, but so far the cause of concealing the CAF speech has not been announced, and the ministry is waiting for the measures to be taken by the Football Association, and the minister promised to follow up on this matter and issue a decision.” in it after its end.”

Regarding arbitration, he said: “There are many arbitration errors that no one addresses and affect the results of the league, and Al-Ahly requested foreign arbitration for its matches despite our respect for the Egyptian referees and knows that they are going through great pressure, and Al-Ahly did not comment on the decisions of foreign referees, but there is a big problem in Egyptian arbitration.”

He concluded his statements, “The abusive words from some people that exceeded the right of Al-Ahly and its officials. False information was addressed in this regard when some judgments were issued in the recent period that Al-Ahly and Al-Khatib obtained.”

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