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FINA Swimming Championships - Sjostrom crowned her 10th world title

FINA Swimming Championships – Sjostrom crowned her 10th world title

The 28-year-old’s 50m freestyle crown comes 24 hours after winning her first title in this edition by winning the 50m butterfly for the fourth time in a row.

The Swedish clocked 23.98 seconds, ahead of Poland’s Katharina Vasek, who won the silver, while the Australian Meg Harris and the American Erica Brown shared the bronze after recording the same time.

By raising the number of her medals to twenty, Sjostrom is two medals away from American record holder Katie Ledecky, but the latter won more golds (19 to 10).

The Swede spoke about her continued winning of titles and medals, saying, “It may be related to my mental focus, hard work, and most importantly, my love for what I do.”

A second nickname for the Macintosh

After winning gold in the 200m butterfly, Canadian teenager Samer McIntosh, who is only 15 years old, added another title on Saturday by winning the 400m medley after recording 4:32.04 in front of the Americans Katie Grimes (4:32.67) and Emma Wyant (4:36.00). , raising her tally in this tournament to four medals.

Local champion and defending champion Katinka Hoso finished fourth, ahead of Japan’s Olympic gold medalist Yui Ohashi.

“I tried to get as hard as I could on my body,” McIntosh said. “The audience gave me a lot of adrenaline.”

American Armstrong wins the 50m backstroke

American Hunter Armstrong won the 50m backstroke after eliminating his compatriot and friend Justin Reese.

Reese finished first, 0.02 seconds ahead of world record holder Armstrong, but illegally touched the pool wall by keeping his entire body underwater, which caused him to be disqualified.

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Armstrong’s (21-year-old) joy with his first world singles title out of three golds he won in the current tournament was not complete, as he wanted to be on the podium alongside his friend Reese (24 years).

“It’s really difficult. On the one hand, I was happy that we were able to finish the race together, but I wanted to share the podium with him,” he said.

As a result of the elimination of Reese after reviewing the end of the race, Armstrong crowned the champion with a time of 24.14 minutes, ahead of 17-year-old Pole Ksawiri Macyuk by 0.35 seconds, while Italian Thomas Chicon, who broke the world record for the 100m backstroke Monday, won the bronze by 0.37 seconds over the American .

First gold for Milutiti since 2013

Lithuanian Ruta Milutiti won her first gold since 2013, beating 17-year-old record holder Italian Benedetta Pilato by 0.10 seconds in the 50m breaststroke, while South African Lara van Niekerk came third.

Mellotti had previously won gold in the 100m breaststroke in 2013 in Barcelona, ​​when she also won a silver in the 50m breaststroke, and then added a silver in the 100m breaststroke in Kazan in 2015 and bronze in the 100m breaststroke during the current edition in a race that was won by Pilato.

New gold for the United States

The United States women won the women’s relay 4 times 100 varied, with a record led by Reagan Smith, Lily King, Tori Hask and Claire Corzan 3:53.78 minutes, ahead of Australians Kylie McKeon, Gina Strauss, Brianna Throssell and Molly O’Callaghan (3:54.25 minutes) and Canadians Kylie Maas, Rachel Nicholl, Margaret McNeil and Penny Oleksiak. (3:55.01)

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Italy raises its tally to 7 golds

Italian Gregorio Baltrinieri raised the number of his world titles to four after winning the 1500m freestyle race, setting his way the second fastest time in history and a European record after achieving 14:32.8 minutes.

The 25-year-old, who won the 1500 m freestyle gold in the 2015 and 2017 World Cups and the 800 m freestyle in 2019, overtook American Bobby Fenick (14:36.70 d) and German Florian Philbrock, the defending champion (14:36.94 d), raising his total to 9 world medals, in addition to To three Olympic medals from the three metals (1500m freestyle gold at Rio 2016, silver 800m freestyle and bronze 10km open water at Tokyo 2020).

The victory in the relay race four times in the Italian variety was also thanks to Tocas Chicon, Nicolo Martinenghi, Federico Bordisso and Alessandro Merisi who clocked 3:27.51 minutes, to lead the American teams consisting of Ryan Murphy, Nick Fink, Michael Andrew and Ryan Heald (3:27.79) and the British consisting of Luke Greenbank and James Welby, James Gay, and Tom Dean (3:31.31).

Italy also won its second gold in rhythmic swimming, after Giorgio Menesini and Lucrezia Ruggiero won the free mixed doubles title, while the silver went to Japan through brothers Yutaro and Tomoka Sato, and bronze for China through Haoyu Shi and Yao Zhang.

Italy raised the number of gold medals in the current championship to 7 out of 14, in second place behind the United States, which led (17 gold out of 45).

The second gold for Ukraine

The team gold Highlight went to Ukraine by defeating Italy and Spain, to win its second gold and finish the rhythmic swimming competitions second in the general standings with seven medals in total (2 gold and 5 silver) behind China, which won four gold and two bronze, and in front of Japan and Italy, which each won two golds with 4 Silver and bronze for the first and silver and bronze for the second.

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