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Finally, I know what’s new about the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA 2022 release, after the recent statements of the producing company

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details Finally, I know what’s new about the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA release 2022, after the production company’s recent statements in the following article

Omar Shuwail – Jeddah New about the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA we present to you, as Grand Theft Auto 5 has flourished over the past years on computers, especially after it was released about two years ago, and despite this it was stated that Grand Theft Auto 6 is under the framework of development and design now by the company Rock Star Games, which will go the same way with this new version, after the success of the exclusive online version on computers that has spread widely, and the developer of the game has announced the date of the release of the new version of the game for followers and players from all over the world, which is Grand Theft Auto 6. It is waiting for players on various gaming platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation 5.

New about Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA Edition

Some statements from the company say in new leaks to it that the next version of the game will bear the number 6, which for the first time in the history of the game will include a female character in one of the starring roles in the story, and the first game tournaments will be female and male, since its first release we are used to seeing the hero of the game always be male.

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Some rumors say that the game will be during a time period dating back to the eighties in the city of Los Angeles, and the workers on that version have also circulated some news that the game will contain only male and female heroes in this next version, which will add a new audience on the platform of fans and fans of that game That is, the female element, and we will see a new curve towards an adventure of a different kind.

Grand Theft Auto 6 release date

One of the journalists submitted a report about the Grand Theft Auto 6 game that contains information indicating that the game is already under development, but it is still in its initial stages of development and will be launched in a medium size for ease of downloading. The game would like to hear this, but unfortunately the game is still a lot of time to emerge.”

The media did not expect through the leaks that its new release would be announced in 2022 or even 2023 at a minimum, but when one of the famous players of that game asked Tom Henderson, the well-known news leaker about the Grand Theft Auto 6 series of games about the date of its release, he answered him with a negative All those rumors, which means we’ll have to wait a few years for it to be officially announced.