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Finastra and Microsoft have teamed up to open embedded financing options for thousands of businesses through banking services (BaaS).

Finastra and Microsoft have teamed up to open embedded financing options for thousands of businesses through banking services (BaaS).

SMEs from Microsoft Dynamics 365 have quick access to real and active financial options.

London, England – Finastra today announced its Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) partnership with Microsoft, bringing new credit options to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses – a sector plagued by severe inaccessible finance. Under this partnership, SMEs using Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be able to access and avail of active funding offers without leaving their business management platform.

Through this activity, owners of SMEs will be able to access financial services that are closely related to their needs and receive valuable benefits that are gentle and hassle-free. This way, users can use the credit options available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, and once the SMEs accept funding, the system uses information previously stored in one of the SMEs in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system. They are easy to apply for funding. The ability of banks to provide additional information, for example, accounts receivable and payable, can play a key role in improving lending decisions and improving payment times for SMEs. Finastra’s extensive network of more than 5,000 financial institutions in the United States provides small and medium business owners with access to the most convenient and valuable financing options to meet the specific needs of their businesses.

At the event, Angus Ross, Chief Revenue Officer of BaaS – a service bank at Finastra, said: “We are pleased to offer SMEs an additional financing solution with massive capabilities to facilitate the process of accessing capital and financial incentives. Competitiveness in less time. Enhances the benefits of lending through the “Microsoft Dynamics 365” system.

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Finastra’s leadership and presence in the open and embedded (integrated) financial sector. It also highlights the significant benefits it brings to the embedded and structured finance sector and the communities in which it is located. We look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration with Microsoft and working closely on these and other future projects with a positive impact.

“We are pleased to further expand and deepen our relationship with Finastra to provide valuable new benefits to small and medium businesses that are the cornerstone of job creation in the global economy,” said Bill Borden, Vice President, Global Corporate Financial Services. Microsoft. He concluded, “By ensuring secure access to key financial services under Microsoft Dynamics 365, our small and medium-sized business customers will have access to the financial options and capital they need to grow and thrive in their businesses.”

Finastra’s embedded financial solution for SMEs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be integrated and standardized with open APIs through Finastra’s platform. Focusing on customers in North America, the solution is expected to take effect this summer.

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About Finastra:

Finastra creates an open platform for individuals, businesses and communities to accelerate collaboration and innovation in financial services to create a better banking experience. Extensive portfolio of Finastra’s financial services software supports Finastra’s offering this technology to financial institutions around the world, including 90 of the world’s top 100 banks. Finastra’s open architecture brings together many partners and innovators to help explain how applications are created, used and consumed in financial services to suit the changing needs of clients. Learn more at

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