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"find me"... Apple's most powerful network to track its lost devices

“find me”… Apple’s most powerful network to track its lost devices

Apple has released a new update to the Find My network, which represents a unified network to which all Apple devices are connected, and the new update sends an alert to you when you move away from any device registered in this network.
And the device must be within the Apple network exclusively, and this means the smart watch, AirPods, or AirTags.

This feature is one of the most important new features in iOS 15, in addition to the ability to send the location of phones even if they are turned off.

These features help reduce the incidence of theft and loss of Apple devices, and make them easy to find.

Activate alerts when away from Apple devices

This feature is very useful if you own more than one Apple device or use AirTags a lot. This feature helps you to stay connected to all your devices all the time and know where they are all the time without moving around and searching for them.

You can activate it by following these steps:

Head to the new Find My app, and then tap on the device list at the bottom of the app. Then choose the device you want to track via the tool, then tap on it and drag the list up until you see the option to alert when you move away from it.

And you can add safe places where you don’t get alerts to get away, like your home, work or your car.

The importance of the Find My network

Find My is one of the most powerful lost device tracking networks, and many companies have tried their version of it. But Apple’s network remains the strongest because it relies on all Apple devices together, not just phones or trackers.

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The Find MY network makes AirTags for Apple users the best choice for phone trackers. This is because with it, you can know the location of anything and everything together with a single click and through a single interface.