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Find out how the story mode of Halo Infinite is performing on Xbox Series X|S

Find out how the story mode of Halo Infinite is performing on Xbox Series X|S

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite was launched for free to all players in the past period and before the official title release date on December 8, and while Xbox owners are enjoying the multiplayer competition at the moment, more information has emerged regarding the performance of the story mode on new generation devices.

The Digital Foundry channel got a chance to experience the single story mode of the upcoming 343 Industries game on Xbox Series X and S, and here is the most important information that was revealed:

  • The game runs on Xbox Series X in Quality Mode with 4K dynamic resolution and mostly 60 frames.
  • The Xbox Series X Performance Mode offers 1080p resolution and 120 fps, but the frame rate is a bit inconsistent, rarely reaching the full 120 fps, rather ranging from 100 to 110.
  • The game runs on Xbox Series S in 1080p quality at 30 frames per second.
  • Xbox Series S performance mode delivers dynamic 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.
  • Digital Foundry’s analysis criticized the use of the anti-aliasing system in Xbox Series S, stating that it “sort of” negatively affects performance on the move.

No details were given regarding the Xbox One version, but given the game’s performance on Xbox Series S, the previous generation version should work at a resolution lower than 1080p.

Technical Analysis: Find out how Halo Infinite’s story mode is performing on Xbox Series platforms

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