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نجلاء بدر

Find the sons of Naglaa Badr in “And the trace remains” threatens her in the fourth episode | news

Actress Najla Badr achieved positive reactions after the presentation of the fourth episode of the story “The Trace remains”, from the series “Except I”, which stars Najla Badr, Lotfi Labib, Karim Kojak and artist Mohamed Al-Taji, with the participation of Enas Kamel and Mustafa Darwish, and the story is an idea of ​​​​Yousry El Fakharani, a script and an Amani dialogue Al-Tunisi, directed by Ahmed Yousri.

The scene of Saddam, Najla Badr, appeared with the ideas of her son, and these are the scenes that made her lead the trend more than once in previous episodes on the social media.
During today’s episode, Najla, who embodies the role of the mother, “Yasmine”, found her son on the street while he was going to the sea, and violently abused him to apologize to her.

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As the episode passes, “Yasmine” finds herself in an embarrassing situation with her children’s grandfather, who embodies his character, Muhammad Al-Taji, who is harassing her because of her travel without his permission, to get into a suffocation with him, after he threatened her to make a report in the department because of her travel without his permission because he is the legitimate guardian of the children, to By torturing her and threatening her if she did not return to Cairo again.

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