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Fireball rolls in Kazakhstan .. Russia controls Almaty airport

Fireball rolls in Kazakhstan .. Russia controls Almaty airport

The Russian Defense said: “The peacekeeping forces (affiliated to the Collective Security Organization) Together with the Kazakh security forces, they managed to take control of the airport AlmaT”

“Almaty airport has been put under full control with Kazakh security forces,” said Russian General Igor Konashenkov.

Konchenkov added that the organization’s forces stand side by side with enforcement officers Kazakh lawand maintain security and law enforcement in the Kazakhstan.

This city, located in the southeast of the country, is of great importance. In addition to being the largest city in the country, it is considered the economic capital.

The Collective Security Organization similar to the former Warsaw Pact had announced its intention earlier to send troops to Kazakhstan, in Central Asia, in response to the request of the country’s President Kassim Tokayev.

News reports stated that 2,500 of the organization’s soldiers have already arrived in Kazakhstan, to contribute to the suppression of the protests in which dozens were killed and witnessed unprecedented acts of chaos, centered in Almaty.

Those forces would remain there for several days or weeks, and were given the right to use weapons should they come under attack.

And media outlets reported that the clashes in the strategic city had eased soon after the arrival of these forces.

And he said President of Kazakhstan, Qasim TokayevThe city was attacked by about 20,000 “bandits”.

Demonstrations swept across the country of 19 million people this week to protest against the high prices of liquefied petroleum gas, which is widely used to fuel cars.

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Although the demands were initially related to economic conditions, they soon raised political demands in these countries ruled by an iron fist.