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Firefox 89 brings a new look to Proton.  Everything is bigger, more rounded, more elegant - Živě.cz

Firefox 89 brings a new look to Proton. Everything is bigger, more rounded, more elegant – Živě.cz

In recent months, Firefox today has focused on privacy export Version 89, however, particularly changes the face. Mozilla promised to take a fresh look at the beginning of the year called the proton, which will replace the previous Photon published in Firefox 57. After long trials, it is now active for everyone.

The user is not too shocked, all the elements are in place, only the icons have changed and that’s it More airy and more roundedIn short, more space wasted, which is useful for touch screens, but not so much for classic screens.

The “ears” of the plates no longer have anything to do with the auditory apparatus, and the active plate is distinguished by a rectangle with rounded corners and not connected in any way to the bar below it. It’s slightly extended, which Firefox uses, among other things, to write the text “PLAYING” under the page title, if it’s playing audio or video in the selected panel.

Browser menus, prompts to turn on the microphone, geolocation, etc. have all undergone a similar redesign. Mozilla has also modified the elements of web forms (text fields, scrolling menus, buttons, check marks…) to better match the new look of the browser.

By the way, you can view it in light, dark or colored (Alpenglow) mode, or leave the settings according to the scheme. Special care is given to users macOS. Firefox has fixed the oversaturated colors of HDR screens and improved the full screen mode, which allows you to hide all toolbars. Context menus fit the system, Firefox has learned to work with the new trackpad gesture (smart zoom) and the bouncing effect will appear when the page is scrolled to the end.

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Firefox 89 has also changed the settings of the Incognito window. It is active by default Complete cookie protection. Additionally, the creators have fixed 10 reported security vulnerabilities.