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Fires surround the Mediterranean, and the heat wave exacerbates the fires

Fires surround the Mediterranean, and the heat wave exacerbates the fires

The Mediterranean basin is witnessing devastating fires, Especially in Greece and Algeria, Where the fire has been raging for days, exacerbated by an unprecedented wave of heat.

The site “Firms” of NASA, which is concerned with tracking fires around the world, showed how the fire surrounded the Mediterranean Sea, and also broke out in separate areas of the countries bordering it.

In Algeria, efforts continue Extinguishing the fires that swept the north of the country Four days ago, backed by planes from abroad. The fires in Algeria, which are fueled by high temperatures, have claimed 69 lives.

From the fires in Algeria

In Tunisia, the Civil Defense reported Thursday that the high temperatures The brightest outbreak of about 30 fires In scattered mountainous areas in the north, west and center of Tunisia, where many families were evacuated.

Since Monday, 28 fires have broken out in Tunisia, and 8 of them are still active as of Thursday in the mountainous areas of Jendouba governorate, in the northwest of the country, but most of the fires are under control.

From the fires of Tunisia

From the fires of Tunisia

Bold Turkey is still recovering from massive fires It killed eight people in the southern tourist area, and heavy rains caused floods in the north of the country.

In Greece, rain on Wednesday and Thursday in fire-ravaged areas of Greece “improved the situation” according to the mayor of Peloponnese, where hundreds of firefighters and residents are still relentlessly trying to put out the flames.

More than two weeks after the violent fires that destroyed about 100,000 hectares in several parts of Greece and killed 3 people, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis again expressed his regret for a “huge environmental disaster”.

From the fires of Greece

From the fires of Greece

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In Italy, firefighters battled more than 500 fires caused by the heat from Wednesday to Thursday night, and forest fires are raging in different parts of France.

For its part, Spain and Portugal warned of the possibility of such disasters in their territories due to the current heat wave.

These high temperatures, well above seasonal averages, are due in large part to the arrival of a mass of very hot air from North Africa into southern Europe.