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First for Gold - Gold is ready for the end of the world

First for Gold – Gold is ready for the end of the world

When preparing for the apocalypse, you not only have to seek shelter and stock up on canned goods, but also buy He went. Weight 400 tons Precious metalsthat they bought this quarter central bank, that is, things are not as they were last year, indicating that the banks hope for the best, but are preparing for the worst. Regulators acted aggressively when XAU/American dollar They shop He went selma Globalism They showed its true value. As a result, what happened stt mlo Metal Trace hover over 1700 American dollar per ounce.

nkup . dynamics of gold who – which Parties central bank

Its rise in November depends on several factors at once. First, on the expected election of the Republic against American mid-term Cucumber. If the Democrat loses control of Congress, we will go against in 2023when US economy dry up RecessionThey should not expect broad fiscal stimulus to support growth. connected by stty Not all other countries will be better off, except for America’s position in the near future dollar Oh dear Trump.

For species, the global risk sentiment is high. History shows that even in the first 12 months after midterm Cucumber Arrived US stocks Better as a result of Of all those presidential rewards of sorts Globalism Wolves.

And for the aunt, no matter how optimists wanted to think otherwise, they were crazy Recession. Evidence from his early career is a fact, e American vnosov kivka is about 40 years old minimum. M The capital will be US economy To harm the writing of many politicians feed ittm n . will be reduced fixed income bond. M will be slower feed it Write my policy, the more negative it affects dollar. I made an argument in favor of the purchase Precious metals According to him, it is slowly falling on gold and foreign exchange reserves central bank.

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dynamics U.S. dollar on gold and foreign exchange reserves central bank

To the weekly assembly pru XAU /American dollar From 5.7%, of course, it wouldn’t have happened without an avalanche of speculative results short stand on He wentwhich were close to their highest levels in November.

And it was with that feed it The final decision was made when he announced the easing of monetary restrictions. He went Although it initially reacted to the decline, the subsequent rally showed that as the policy money writing cycle matures, Metal Trace usually spread kdla And raise weak at that dollar and fall Import US government bonds.

Technically, it appears on the daily chart of gold Several signs of a change in the “downward” trend. This is a triple bottom pattern, quick entry Precious metals outside the relative values ​​character, spn a test Moving resistance In the form of sliding averages and high fraction the border long-term decline commercial Channel. Under these circumstances, He went Should buy on bounce off support at 1,702 and 1,692 American dollar per ounce.

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