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First in the world of football for 11 team sports – FC Bank Ostrava

It was called Black Friday and so on. For ad-bank football fans, there is an offer from 11teamsports, the main partner of FC Bank Ostrava.

It was originally founded in 2007. Since then, 11teamsports has become one of the largest online football stores for individuals and teams in Europe. Unfashionable product range of over 25,000 items. 2.5 million football fans from more than 21 European countries are equipped with the best football equipment in our country. Among other things, we are proud partners of more than 5,500 professional and amateur clubs, including Ostrava Bank. So you can be sure of the quality with them.

On offer we have single games, full games and fans. From soccer shoes And jersey, dog ficker trninkov and zpasov equipped, and yet Spare time And the Beck products. What sets us apart from the competition? Product customization. We can print or embroider practically anything onto soccer cleats, jerseys, and apparel. Each customer has the opportunity to paste the product according to their preferences.

And since it was Christmas and Black Friday, we prepared many interesting events for you. So we are extending the offer until the night until January 15th, and with a purchase of over 3600/5000K, you will get a free football shirt!

For the best prices on soccer shoes and other soccer gear during Black Friday and other discount events, visit our website 11 team sports!

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