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First ride with Cupra Born: Will there be feelings?

First ride with Cupra Born: Will there be feelings?

Seat introduces its first electric car. So while it’s not SEAT after all, they’ve finally chosen the Cupra sub-brand for their electric debut in Spain. As a result, many of them expect some feelings due to Kobri’s focus. I passed?

In order to make the base of the group as sporty as possible, they did something predictable in Spain – lowered the chassis. 15 mm on the front axle and ten in the rear. These values ​​belong to the model with the adaptive DCC chassis, but the Cupra Born has also been lowered on the standard shock absorbers.

I have to make a direct comparison with the technically relevant ID.3, but on zigzag Catalan roads with a perfect surface, the born looks very stable. However, this is a hallmark of electric cars that, thanks to their low center of gravity (floodlights in the floor), actually manage to kneel noticeably in corners.

Another typical feature – the high weight, however, was no less characteristic on smooth Spanish asphalt. And present, very noticeable from the steering wheel. It’s a strange mixture of feelings – on the one hand, you can feel a car plunged into the ground thanks to the center of gravity, and on the other hand, you can always perceive all those kilograms. And that there, in the case of a newborn, from a height of seventeen meters. It is only 4.3 meters long…

It is difficult for electric cars to be able to create at least a small driving atmosphere. The super-powerful pull from nothing (I’ve driven the 150 kW version) is nice, but the driving performance is a bit interchangeable.

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I have driven more than one car on the amazing roads over Barcelona, ​​and thanks to the perfect asphalt, the ever-changing profile of the “track” and even the “panoramas” I was able to enjoy practically anything. But, I admit, I didn’t have much fun in Born.

It’s not a cup’s fault, as I wrote, it would be very difficult for electric cars to conjure up in us what we are still experiencing and experiencing (maybe for some time to come). Yes, the Taycan is brutal, driving crazy. In the case of the Porsche (and thus Audi), the vast majority of the experience is due to superior performance. However, if we were to talk, for example, about an electric car with a hot hatch that the Cobra Born would probably like, it would be more difficult here, as I wrote. When you step on gasoline, the car sets off with an instant reaction to the next turn, and here the brakes, which already feel the weight, when turning with them, again pound …

Dimensions Cobra Born
Length (millimeter) 4322
an offer (millimeter) 1809
Height (millimeter) 1540
wheelbase (millimeter) 2766
Trunk size (NS) 385

During normal driving, in the city, behind, but also on the highway … If you just move, then everything is fine. I must say that the silence in the cabin and even the sheer comfort of electric cars is indeed a pleasant combination for casual travel. And that’s exactly what Cobra Bourne does so well. A little emotional…

Perhaps it will be a little better next year, when the Cupra Born arrives with the so-called E-Boost performance package. This Cobra has an output of 170 kW and accelerates to 100 in 6.6 seconds with a 58 kWh battery of course. With a larger battery (77 kWh), it would still travel (540 vs 424 km), but it would take four tenths of the extra time for a hundred. And beware, as we are used to with similar “performance” packages in electric cars, maximum power values ​​- and therefore acceleration – are not always available. It depends on the current state of the flashlight (capacity and temperature).

And the ATV? The MEB Group platform offers this option však however, the electric motor on the front axle will not yet be applied to the Born. He said he wouldn’t fit in the subtle bow. Maybe a bit strange explanation, but how did you buy…

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In terms of design, however, Born is very successful, and here I dare write about sentiment. Special comparison to VW ID.3. For me, it is probably the most beautiful electric compact.

Inside, I experienced the latest buggies of the VW group – touch control over everything, slower entertainment. And anyone who has pushed into the chain just a pair of buttons for four electric side windows, should know, should be ashamed.

In Spain, of course, they also boasted a lot about sustainability, which has been a very popular topic lately, especially for electric cars. On the front seats (in their central part), the Cupra Born uses a material called Seaqual Yarn, in the door panels and on the armrests we find Dinamica. In both cases, they used recycled plastic from the sea to produce them.

The Cupra Born isn’t a bad electric car, it’s a very good electric car (although the group slap in the form of touch control and rip software didn’t escape the horn), but it’s still an electric car. Incredibly easy to use, for the city and a great approach behind it. It also looks good, Cobra definitely worked. However, I didn’t quite find entertainment behind the wheel of Bourne. At least I am. For example, the next generation of drivers outperforms me with slightly different values.

Basic technical data of Cupra Born
150 204 231 e-Boost 231 e-Boost & Range حزمة Pack
Total power (kW) 110 150 170 170
touch. Torque (Nm) 310 310 310 310
Battery Capacity (kWh) 45 58 58 77
range (km) 340 424 420 540
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 8,9 7,3 6,6 7,0
the above. DC charging power (kW) 110 120 120 170
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