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First ride with the Skoda Enyaq Sportline iV: Depends on the details

First ride with the Skoda Enyaq Sportline iV: Depends on the details

In recent years, Škoda has been happy to use derivatives of its models, just look at the roles in which such an Octavia could be built. The electric pioneer of the automaker Mladá Boleslav is also encouraging something similar.

It will also be an SUV or an RS-class. For those who can handle the standard drivetrain variants, but also want a sharper look with the black stuff, there’s a traditional Sportline version.

Of course, no car manufacturer would miss this opportunity today, because sporty-looking items are directly sought after by customers across segments. And it must be admitted that Enyaq really fits such a coat.

no chrome

Similar to the current flagship, the Sportline version differs by a glossy black visor, and in the same shade there are also carvings or trims for the side windows, roof rack and diffuser.

The lower moldings, which sometimes evoke an association with crossovers and SUVs, are painted in this case in body color. As well as complete bumpers. As a result, thanks to the new expression, the car looks not only more relaxed and sporty, but also looks more valuable. On the other hand, it visually gives a touch of adventure to the SUV.

The difference between the Sportline version (left) and the default version is obvious at first glance.

Photo: Škoda Auto for

The fenders are also different. The standard car on the right has 20-inch discs. It could be 21 inches in the same design as the Sportline version on the left, but the black paint is for that.

Photo: Škoda Auto for

There are 20″ or 21″ special wheels to choose from. While the design remains the same, the discs are painted black instead of gray on the Sportline version.

Elegant Skoda Sportline iV

Photo: Škoda Auto

Of course, the same applies to interior design as we already have Summarized after the covariate experiment. It impresses with spaciousness thanks to its generous wheelbase, ergonomically designed central tunnel, overall pleasing architecture and excellent workmanship. The only material I don’t like to look at or feel is the door handle – unfortunately the part you’ll notice every time you walk in. However, it looks more valuable and warm, not only in Škoda, but also in direct comparison with its sibling Volkswagen ID.4.

I also enjoy Enyaq’s approach to multimedia. It is enough to have a small 5.3-inch screen in front of the driver, thanks to an advanced head-up display with augmented virtual reality, which seems to attach arrows or navigation lines below the car on the road, under which adaptive cruise control is directed .

In addition, the central screen has up to 13 inches, great graphics, responsiveness, modern online features, and clear controls. Errors and freezes are common in pre-production units alone. Hopefully this won’t happen with serial pieces after updates.

second electric motor

The Sportline is fitted as standard with a sportier chassis with a stiffer setup and lower ground clearance, i.e. 15mm up front and 10mm rear. Progressive driving is also standard.

Both can also be ordered in the enyaq standard, which really makes the Sportline version just a matter of design. However, the Enyaq with these elements, compared to the initial variant, will impress with more specific behavior in corners, even those few millimeters are known. Although the tighter tuning makes the car a little less wobble, it does handle certain types of unevenness, especially when loaded into corners, again with a slightly larger overview.

Combined with the incremental steering, you get a leaner, more agile cutout, no matter how small the changes. Which is a good result, because the solid foundations of the MEB platform allow the Enyaq to excel in well-formed suspension no matter the configuration. It is a comfortable and at the same time safe car, which will disturb the peace on board only in the case of large and sharp unevenness, where heavy 21-inch wheels will still be quite acceptable.

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Elegant Skoda Sportline iV

Photo: Škoda Auto

As with the classic Enyaq, there are three different types of drives on offer. The iV 60 version has a 132 kW electric motor located on the rear axle. The battery, which has a capacity of 62 kWh (usable 58 kWh respectively), can handle more than 400 kilometers per charge, according to WLTP mode.

The iV 80 variant has a more powerful battery with a capacity of 82 kWh (77 kWh) and a range of 520 km in WLTP mode. The electric motor output on the rear axle is 150 kW.

However, for the first time I was able to try the 80x version, which uses the same battery, but thanks to the second electric motor, which drives the front wheels, it is an ATV with a system power of 195 kW and a maximum torque of 425 Nm. Range 500 km in WLTP mode.

When driving with a trim, you might expect that usual kick in the back when you hit the accelerator pedal hard. The crew howls and the driver smiles slyly, showing off viral videos from Tesla’s interiors and more. However, even for the weaker electric car conditions, the Enyaq behaves more smoothly in terms of acceleration. And the all-wheel drive version does not change much. Acceleration is more noticeable and more than enough, but the really planned RS variant with a power of 225 kW will really dominate the operation.

Elegant Skoda Sportline iV

Photo: Škoda Auto

However, the variant with the front electric motor is certainly not in number. On the contrary, company representatives predict that it will make up half of what has been sold from Nike. Customers who choose to do so will objectively gain significantly better traction when starting not only on slippery surfaces. It’s common knowledge that electronics shouldn’t interfere too much and the result is a more elegant click of the place.

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A different way to get out of a bend at a sharp pace is more of a phenomenon accompanying the car’s focus. The driver feels that the front axle is pleasantly pulling the car out of the corner. Especially in the sport mode which is more involved.


The Sportline Edition is essentially a design choice, and elegant is what looks great. In a modern design, the black elements do not have to look like a non-factory tuning, on the contrary, they make other details stand out and especially the lacquered lower parts also benefit the visual balance of the car.

Whether a customer orders a sportier chassis and steering for the Standard Elegance or the Sportline version, they get a more connected, safer, and better-prepared electric crossover for a fast ride.

The same applies to the variant with all-wheel drive, which will be known in real life in winter conditions, and which will be a greater challenge to the rear wheel with high torque and responsive electric motor.

All this only gives more welcome alternatives to the portfolio of the highly successful model in which Škoda plunged into a new era.

Where did the name elegant come from?

The name Enyaq respects the ending with the letter “q”, as is the case with other Boleslav SUVs, including the Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq. It is also derived from the Irish word “enya” which means “source of life”. The word enya itself is derived from the original Irish word “Eithne” and can be freely translated as essence, soul and principle.