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First Star for Americans: Carland | to come to the World Cup

First Star for Americans: Carland | to come to the World Cup


The United States is set to be strengthened by new rising NHL star striker Connor Carland at the upcoming World Cup.

Hockey player of the season

To many fans, this may be a name that is still unknown, but trust me, its offensive capabilities are at the top of the NHL.

In Arizona, he did not attract attention, but this year he scored 39 points (12 + 27) in 49 duels. These are the best numbers because he plays for a very defensive team. After all, Carland was Coyote’s second most productive attacker. Behind the legendary Bill Kessel.

It is worth noting that Garland will soon come to the World Championships, although he is going to negotiate a new contract. So far, he has only earned 75,775,000 a year – one of the most favorable deals in the league. So of course in the eyes of the team …

Starting next season, he could safely say more than six million dollars a year.

In his position, many players will not be injured and will not apologize for the match, but Carland is looking forward to his first major national team event.

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He did not even play in the youth selections for the United States. Not always – including draft – below average height (178 cm) due to hockey not noticed.

He is now one of the rising stars of the NHL.

He is very interested in sports. In addition, it is a textbook example of what the most talked about “speed skills” should be.

If you still do not know him, look forward to it!