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"Fishing decline" ... Climate change threatens UK

“Fishing decline” … Climate change threatens UK

The UK Office of Environmental Protection (OEP) has said that key points for the environment in the UK are fast approaching.
The British newspaper The Guardian reports that potential hurdles – a gradual fall causing a sudden catastrophe – include loss of wildlife, declining fish stocks and dead and polluted rivers.
The newspaper confirmed that the OEP was a new official body created to hold the government accountable after Britain’s exit from the EU, and its first report, released on Thursday, said ministers were ambitious but the move was too slow.
He said the government had introduced a 25-year environmental plan in 2018, but the Office of Environmental Protection would continue and dangerous declines would continue and the minister should use the opportunities provided by the new environmental law to implement urgent and concerted action.
“We urge the government to recognize that tipping points are fast approaching in some areas, and if that does not happen, it will be even more difficult,” said Olen leader Glenys Stacey.
“When you reach a very small number of wildlife species, the effort to transform it is enormous and takes a very long time.”
He pointed out the continued damage to marine wildlife: “There is great progress, but if the government has the will, these counter-tendencies can be largely stopped.”
Stacey added: “Not only is a stable environment good, it’s essential to human well – being, progress and prosperity.
“The first 25-year environmental plan is an ambitious endeavor to address the challenges facing the environment, but progress towards realizing this ambition is very slow and we continue to see concerns and persistent trends in environmental degradation, but with environmental legislation, there is a valuable opportunity for the government,” he added.

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