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Five ways to express love |  Madam Magazine

Five ways to express love | Madam Magazine

People who have fallen in love differ in ways of expressing it to the other party, and some people lack the skill of expressing feelings to a life partner. Words of love are not the only way to express love, but rather the last step. My lady met with a family relations consultant, Dr. Ahmed Siam, to tell you about five ways to express love.
says d. Fasting for my lady… Love is one of the highest and most delicate human feelings and expressing it is not difficult in bringing out the feelings that are hidden from within you in order to translate the feelings to others, but there are some who are not good at expressing what is going on inside them of feelings in frank words, so here are five ways to express the word I love you without pronounce it.

1- Praise

Love is one of the highest and most delicate human feelings

Certainly, praise only comes from a sincere lover, i.e. emanates from a loving and loving heart, so tell the one you love how much you appreciate his presence in your life, make your words come from the heart and show him your true feelings towards him, as some people feel comfortable expressing their love for the other through positive words such as praising the appearance. Or personality or behavior, which is one of the ways to express feelings indirectly, and an example of these sentences, (Being with you makes me feel comfortable and makes me happy, I feel safe in your presence by my side, I am always proud of you in my life), all of these are important signs in the language of love, as the lover or husband He needs praise and appreciation for his person, and you don’t mind talking to your lover with the usual words of flirtation from time to time, as this makes him happy.

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2- The looks of the eyes are a mirror that exudes what is in the hearts

Love results from mutual interest on all sides

Deliberately looking with love without paying attention to anything else is one of the signs of love and a strong signal from the body language about the person’s interest in the other party, and most of the time the looks are more eloquent than the words, so the looks of the eyes are a mirror that exudes what is in the hearts and exposes its owner to express the love that the soul has, and always the eye Love is smiling while looking at the one we love, and it is considered as a wireless signal that shows what one hides of feelings, and it has a strong effect on the feeling of attraction.

3- Modern technology means

Social media has brought the distances between lovers closer

Social media turns into platforms in order to publish pictures with the beloved or messages, and they close the distances between lovers, so we always say that feelings are hidden behind words. We find that technological means have provided many ways to express love through e-mail and text messages, so the girl tries to attract the attention of her lover By writing comments on the posts he publishes on his personal page, or by writing romantic posts and publishing songs he loves, and is always keen to agree with him in opinion, so that his attention is drawn to the same things he loves.

4- The gift is an indirect way to express love

The looks of the eyes are a mirror that reveals what is in the hearts

Gifts have succeeded in bringing hearts closer and making lovers happy, not for their material value but for their meaning and idea. The gift is one of the indirect ways to express love. We are always happy when we receive a gift. The gifts that we bring have a meaning for others, because they are evidence that we remember them even when we are far from them. Gifts are considered all over the world and in all cultures as the greatest evidence of love. It can be presented in a surprising way to express love in a greater sense of appreciation, and the element of surprise is also evidence of love, as gifting in a state of longing and love indicates an expression of love and intense admiration between the two parties.

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5- Attention and reassurance

Deliberately looking with love without paying attention to anything else is a sign of love

Love results from mutual interest between all parties and includes reassurance and constant concern for the other party, by making sure to send messages to check on him constantly and being interested in knowing his news at all times, by sharing feelings and ideas together, so that those we love feel safe and secure, and respect is the evidence of love But when respect is gone between people, this indicates the end of love.

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