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Flashing: wheezing, bullying and harming our children’s health

Children collapse and the government does not matter! They have become scapegoats for Covid measures. Their stay all day in the veil is a lot and threatens health.

Outdoor temperatures are rising, and a day in a hijab or ventilator is literally antiseptic, not just for adults. Many children have already collapsed at school due to difficulty breathing, and in some cases even doctors have had to intervene.

However, our children will continue to suffer while wearing blinds and respirators. Hopes of canceling the controversial procedure, which pulled hair from the start, faded on Monday. Undoubtedly, this type of protection does not have a beneficial effect on the health and immunity of children.

– What is the logic of the children’s test?

– What is the use of children going to school in the morning with friends without headscarves?

– What is the logic of spending time with friends without headscarves, even after school?

It is nothing more than bullying, bullying and harming the health of our children at a time when they are developing the immunity they desperately need for life.

Unfortunately, it is the Ministry of Health that should know this, and it does not have such a basic fact. Primary school children are allowed to remove their niqab only during physical education classes and when singing. High school and college students have to spend whole days on ventilators.

I’m thinking about how to politely call this conditional and can’t really think of an appropriate expression…

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