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Flee from Afghanistan: 'The grandchildren are crying hungry, I don't have flour anymore'

Flee from Afghanistan: ‘The grandchildren are crying hungry, I don’t have flour anymore’

“I have to get out of here. I have no choice. There is no work. Poverty and hunger force us to go to a foreign country. We have to do it,” Mir Agha told reporters on Radio Free Europe. Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the country’s economy has almost collapsed Most humanitarian projects have been suspended and people in many areas are starving due to severe drought.

The radical movement also banned the use of foreign currency in the country. This move will lead to more trade disruption.

“I have a law degree, but now I have to leave the country because I lost my job. I need to secure my family. We don’t have a home,” complains another refugee, who only gave his first name, Mansour.

Lots of people pay traffickers to take them to Iran.

There are no official figures, but thousands of people are said to cross the Afghan-Iranian border every week.

“We had a job and there were opportunities to learn, but now there is nothing left,” said Zabihullah Sarwari, who previously worked as an official in the former Afghan government.

The situation is similar on the border with Pakistan. The Pakistani government has already sent more security forces here.

“I am diabetic and have high cholesterol. I need treatment in Peshawar. We don’t have flour. My grandchildren are crying hungry. Everything is bad now,” says Liloma, who came to the Pakistani border from Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Other refugees also described to Radio Free Europe reporters their arduous journey, their fears about Taliban control and their border crossing problems. “We were taught it simply at the time. Here we sleep with our children in tents without blankets. It is very difficult,” says Rizwanullah. Millions of Afghans in the past sought refuge in Iran and Pakistan. The Taliban are now, and the deteriorating economic situation is forcing them to flee their homes once other.

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