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Floods hit Britain.. and 144 warnings from the Meteorological Authority.. Pictures

Written by Ehab Mohamed

Saturday, April 01, 2023 04:42 PM

Heavy rain swept Britain In the aftermath of Storm Matisse, with 144 flood warnings at the end of the week, and according to the “Daily Mail” website, the Met Office predicted that the next few days will face rain, with heavy rain in the southwest and drizzle in the east, and temperatures are also expected to drop. , with the expectation of the broadcaster British (BBC) Highs of around 11 degrees Celsius in certain parts of the UK today.


flood waters

Meanwhile, this afternoon may witness cold temperatures, which become freezing in the early hours of Sunday, and the temperature is expected to rise on Sunday evening..

However, temperatures in the north of England are set to drop to around freezing on Sunday, which could reach south Wales by the beginning of next week..

Heading into the weekend, rain has become more prevalent as low pressure moves away on the continent, however cooler air from the north-east will feed in, so April will start disappointingly cold, especially in the north and east of Britain..”

The Met Office forecast says: “Drier and sunnier breaks are sometimes expected, however they may be short-lived. Wetter conditions are likely across the southern and western parts of the UK, while the north and east are expected to remain drier..

It follows the wettest March since 1981, with 111.3 mm (4.3 inches) of rain falling in England before March 30, 91 per cent more than average..

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