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FM commemorates 65 years of Czech relations with United Kingdom "firm partner"

FM commemorates 65 years of Czech relations with United Kingdom “firm partner”

Ambassador Patrick Murphy said the United States had a positive relationship with Cambodia yesterday during a meeting with Foreign Minister Brock Sokon to discuss bilateral and regional issues.

“The United States is a trusted partner in Cambodia during global epidemics, providing more than $ 11 million in direct assistance to Covid, a major technical support building for a long-term health partnership, and more than $ 4 billion. The facility will receive 1.1 million vaccines and many more, ”the embassy said on its Facebook page.

The United States has said it supports efforts by Cambodia and Asian member states to promote democracy in the region, including Myanmar.

“The United States supports democratic processes and institutions in Cambodia and other Asian member states and promotes the rule of law in the region (including Myanmar),” they said.

“The instability caused by the military coup affects the entire region and Asian countries play a key role in rebuilding the path to democracy (Myanmar). We encourage all stakeholders in ASEAN (Myanmar) to be involved in resolving the crisis,” he said.

Meanwhile, Martin Vavra received a courtesy call from Sokol yesterday from the newly appointed Ambassador of the Czech Republic and Foreign Minister Jacob Gulhenek.

Sokon said he was pleased to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

He said: “Sixty-five years ago our countries not only endured the long-term friendship and close cooperation they wished for, but also endured the best times and changes in the regional and global landscape and saw growth. Newborn fruit. “

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One reason the two countries are so close is that King Norodom Sihamoni spent most of his childhood in Prague, where he studied classical dance and music at the National Conservatory and was fluent in Czech.

Foreign Minister Brock Sokon met with Czech Ambassador Martin Vavra. MFA

Another interesting example of the cultural relationship between the Czech Republic and Cambodia is the photograph depicting President Novotny congratulating Princess Norodom Dupa, daughter of then-Prince Norodom Sihanouk, for playing a key role in the Royal Ballet.

However, the past provides an inspiration for the common future we want to focus on. As prostitutes living and working in Cambodia, we are well aware that Cambodia is a friendly country, ”said Gulhanek.

He has been involved in restoring and preserving Cambodia’s cultural heritage in Angkor, England, and has also provided security training to Apsara’s technical staff.

They also assisted in the project to restore the lion and elephant statues at the Bimianagus Temple.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Koi Kwang did not respond to a request for comment.