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Follow the Sun.. أبرز معلومات عن حملة الترويج للسياحة فى مصر

Follow the sun .. The most important information about the campaign to promote tourism in Egypt

Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology launched an online advertising campaign called Follow the Sun with the aim of promoting Egyptian tourism in the summer of 2022 and attracting more tourists from many countries, especially the UK and Germany. , Italy, France and the United States.

In the following lines, we review the most important information about the campaign.

The campaign came in light of the implementation of a media strategy to promote tourism in Egypt, which aims to elevate Egypt’s tourism, its unique and diverse tourism and archeological elements, and its young, vibrant identity as an attractive tourist destination. The visitor wants to stay longer with repeated visits each year.

The campaign slogan invites tourists to follow the weather, choosing Egypt as a popular tourist destination and spending their holidays there, enjoying its hot weather and bright sun all year round.

The campaign was launched electronically on social media platforms that are widely used in markets such as YouTube, Facebook, Dictoc, Snapshot, Atkalani.

The campaign was successful in reaching more than 26 million users in the tourism markets where the campaign was launched.

In those markets YouTube gained more than 22 million views on the social networking site.

பிரச்ச Compared to last year, the rates of online searches for travel to Egypt via Google search engine in these markets increased by 187% in Germany and more than 125 in France by 102%. %, And in the United Kingdom it reached 106%, in Italy 240%.

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The campaign is a continuation of the ministry’s electronic advertising campaigns launched earlier this year entitled Sunny Christmas and Sunny January.