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اتبع هذه الخطوات عند نسيان كلمة المرور لهاتفك الآيفون

Follow these steps when you forget the password for your iPhone

iPhones have high security features, which help users protect their data and phones in case of theft.

The security lock feature is one of the most important of these features, as the phone is completely locked when you enter the wrong password more than once.

Previously, you needed to wait for it to expire in the phone before you could try again and add the password, or connect the phone to the computer to completely reformat it,
But you can reformat the phone directly without having to connect it to the computer after the iOS 15.2 update, as Apple allows this option, according to (Al Arabiya Net).

This method works with all iPhones, iPods and iPads that have received the new 15.2 update from Apple and can only be used with the 15.2 update.

Steps to Reset iPhone When Forgot Password

This method only allows you to bypass the security lock screen, but you must enter your iCloud account information for the phone to work.

This means that this method will not work with stolen phones or lost and found phones, in order to increase the security and protection of phones.

This feature only works if your phone is connected to the Internet via Wifi or a mobile network.

You can use this feature by following these steps: When you enter the wrong password more than once, the security lock screen will appear to you, like the one in the image below.

And a new option appears on this screen instead of waiting or calling 911, where you find a button called Reset Phone.

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After you press the reset button, a window appears in front of you asking you to log in to your iCloud account associated with this phone.

And you need to press the reset button of the phone again so that all the data in it will be deleted and reformatted.

This method makes the phone look like a brand new phone, which means that you lose all your important photos and files stored in the phone.

But when the phone comes back to work, it asks you to restore one of the backups you have in your iCloud account.