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Fondra pushed for the electoral program for the Czech Republic to elect a national bird

Together with experts and stamps, we will launch a survey to choose the Czech national bird, the Alliance is completely together in the electoral program for the upcoming elections to the Chamber, which it presented in the bird.

The coalition of ODS, People’s Party and TOP 09 wrote in it that it would choose the new symbol of the Czech Republic in a survey in cooperation with the Czech Ornithological Association and Founding Tours.

He used Ptka Vondra at the Civic Democrats’ election conference last year and his colleagues elected him to lead the ODS. If we want to attract people, we need many clear changes in the science. The European Parliament said at the time that people got rid of it.

The alliance promises low tax, relative orientation, and a guaranteed minimum income

The Czech Republic, along with Slovakia, is the only European country that does not have the national symbol of its bird. So, let’s suggest a national poll on the Internet, a kind of poll in which people choose our plane, and then Fondra send out the delegates of the ODS conference.

For example, the symbol of France is the Gallic rooster, and Lithuania p bl. However, the five symbolism also works outside of Europe, when the well-known symbol of the USA is the golden eagle and the New Zealand bird kivi jin.

Fondref’s footprint has been renewed with Havel’s diplomacy

Wondra promised last year at the ODS conference at the National Football Stadium in Brno to unite everyone with Austria, Hungary and Poland and run for the World Cup. This was not included in the “Ma’an” election program.

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ODDN Vclav Smolka said, but one thing is clearly linked to Alexander Fondra.

Let us renew the traditions of Havilian diplomacy. The coalition coalition wrote in the election program that we will support democracy, human rights, civil society and, above all, transferred technical knowledge (Ukraine, Belarus, Cuba, the Balkans, Georgia).

Not expecting how many would take the dormant system back into action, Vondra began returning to ODS leadership last year. The former spokesperson for Pact 77, after the Communist regime after the Velvet Revolution in November 1989, was a foreign policy advisor to former President Vaclav Havel.