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Food Forest, America’s largest cooking forest

About 2,800 hectares of forest can be used by citizens to pick fruits and vegetables for free. And this Food Forest at Browns Mill Thanks to the United States Atlanta, United States Forest Service grant and the partnership between the city of Atlanta. Security Fund Trees Atlanta.

Once on a beacon farm, the forest has 2,500 edible and medicinal plants that are available to anyone who needs them. This is a growing one Edible forests Public and private initiatives to address food and food supply issues as citizens and organizations in cities across the country.

In Atlanta, the problem is acute: The Food Access Research Atlas del’Usta It is estimated that at least one in four citizens, or about 125,000, live in limited areas Food deserts Due to the geographical distance from the grocery store.

“Access to green spaces and healthy food is very important. That’s part of our mission,” local archaeologist Michael McCart told CNN.

This program uses known procedures Permaculture, And especially how “Culture”, A term used to describe the association between forest and field in terms of global and local climate. “This is really a park for everyone”Atlanta City Councilor Carla Smith said. “Every time I go there is a community there that values ​​and appreciates fresh and healthy food. People take only what they need. “

Those who take more than they need are rare, and the rest of the food is collected by full-time volunteers and distributed to the community. Horticulture and cooking classes are also conducted to help community members teach healthy food education, and the project includes shared flower beds for use by interested visitors.

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Project map, in continuous evolution, Reveals the purpose of the project, A beekeeping for the cultivation of edible mushrooms and honey production.

With 70 such forests growing slowly across the country, American cities are promising a healthy future in harmony with society and the environment.

Video presentation below: