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Ve volném čase se Jaroslav Drobný věnuje svému psu Arisovi. Mimo dobu covidu trénoval psa v Hluboké nad Vltavou, teď může pokračovat.

Footballer Jaroslaw Drobny coaches a bastard from Greece in his spare time

“Before, we only went there for ten days in the summer and for a week in the winter. We live in Greece, Germany, near Hradec and also in Hlubuka,” said Jaroslaw Drobni, who left Dynamo from Budovi to pursue his career in Greece in 2001. Germany “I was already in Germany with my family, and my son was born in Greece, and my daughter was in Hamburg. It was the best years for me in Germany, I played one of the best competitions in the world. She has played in Bochum, Hamburg, Bremen, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Yaroslav Drobny, while at the ZKO Falco training ground in Hlubuka club Vltavu, said that it was still being sold, the beautiful stadiums of thirty to eighty thousand people.

“It is named after the Greek god of war. He brought the children a bastard, a home puppy. But they brought two. I brought one for the teacher in Germany. Ares is very nice. I went to the training ground with him in Germany, and I wanted to be social with him. In Hamburg, in a park.” , Dogs can run for free and I’ve never seen dogs fight there, ”describes the athlete, who also allowed Arise to run by bike. “Everyone says Ares is crossbreeding a sheepdog with something. The connection is just mine. Otherwise, it doesn’t pay attention to people,” says Bats Ariz, who understands commands in English, German and Czech.

“The children talk to him in English, and in Germany I gave him German orders, and here too I give the Czech orders,” he says, adding that he now spends most of his time with his family in Hlubuka club Vltavo. “We live here for the children now. I wandered around the local training camp and agreed with Eliška Nedvědová that I would come here to train. She helped me and I go to train individually. For fun, I also go with him on defense, which is played by Michel Veselka.” I enjoy the defense, and I enjoy watching it, ”he mentioned how he was working with a dog when there was no virus. Now he can train with hair again. The wife and children also went to see obedience. The daughter is young, so she is watching the son try to play sports, “a football traveler says with a smile.

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Goalkeeper Jaroslaw Drobny, Olympic (2000 Olympiad), European U-21 champion (2002), played seven matches for the national team. At the age of 20, he started to catch up with the first league of České Budějovice, and since 2001 he has been working abroad. He joined Panionius, Den Haag, Fulham, Ipswich, Bochum, Hearth Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, as of January 2019 he was in Düsseldorf. In the fall of 2019, he is back in Budiovi, where he starts shooting goals, but also coaches goalkeepers.

“Children quickly got used to the Czech Republic and the woman lacked the sun, Greece and Germany. He says there is another life. The mentality of the people there is completely different. Life in Hamburg cannot be compared to Stodnice near Hradec. But I really like Jindřichův Hradec, I will not let that happen.” I have friends there”.

His contract with Dynamo from Budovic expires in June. However, he still does not know if he will return abroad, for example to train goalkeepers. “I am in contact with more clubs in Germany, but I haven’t signed anything. Maybe I will stay here,” says Jaroslaw Drobni.