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For a perfect result.. Tips for applying nose contour to make it look smaller

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Defining the nose is the most visible facial feature. And for some people, it can make them feel more confident if they aren’t confident about the shape or size of their nose.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all technique, it depends on the shape of your nose and the desired result. But there are some general tips you can keep in mind:

Be careful in the daylight, because a nose with contouring really looks better under lights or for pictures.”

Choose the right contour product

Avoid contouring with bronzer, as it is often formulated in warmer colors which may not look like a natural shade on all skin tones.

Use a bronzer that is a cool or neutral shade one or two shades darker than your skin to help create a softly sculpted shade.

Try to avoid creams as they can become difficult (or muddy) to mix properly, especially when set with powder afterwards.

Instead of drawing a line on either side of the nose, draw a series of dots. Once you line up a few dots vertically on either side of the nose, smudge them together vertically.

Make sure to perform this step on both sides of the bridge of your nose. The closer the bronzer is to the bridge of the nose, the tighter the effect.

Use the small fluffy brush designed for targeted areas. No harsh dark lines running down the nose.

To make the tip look more sculpted, you can just add a little contour to the tip of the nose.

Sculpt the nose after bronzer and after contouring the rest of the face.

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Use the highlighter below the bridge of the nose with a smaller brush to lighten the center and create contrast with the shadows