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For Apple users... a new feature on the Safari app

For Apple users… a new feature on the Safari app

Apple continues the policy of improving the performance of applications on its devices to reach the best possible performance for these applications that increases the adherence of its customers to its new devices.

And the giant American company in the field of technology announced the addition of a new feature to the “Safari” Internet browser for various Apple devices, which makes the process of running the YouTube application more enjoyable.

This new feature added to Safari, announced by Apple as Vinegar, for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, Apple has been working on since early November with the aim of replacing the YouTube player with another.

The Vinegar feature has been developed, replacing the YouTube player in Safari with a native HTML video tag, providing a range of related improvements, including eliminating annoying ads while playing a video, and preventing the YouTube app from tracking play, pause, and search activities.

It also restores the Vinegar feature, the PIP function also known as the Picture-in-Picture feature, and the feature does not allow the video clips to stop playing if the user switches to another browser.

Apple glasses approaching

At the same time, Apple is preparing to unveil its new glasses for augmented reality by 2022, which it has been developing for years.

This is according to statements by the trusted expert on Apple, “Ming Chi Qiu,” who stated that the upcoming AR glasses from Apple will contain a processor “with the same level of computing power as the Mac” and its chip design will be the most important difference between it and its competitors.

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Among the expectations related to the glasses in “Q” statements, that they will have computing power at the Mac level, can work independently without relying on a Mac or iPhone, and will support a comprehensive set of applications.

This comes as part of Apple’s ambitious plan to permanently replace iPhones with AR technologies over the next 10 years, and these new glasses are the first step for this project.