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For higher education institutions and research centers... the Space Authority launches its "Experiment in Space" initiative

For higher education institutions and research centers… the Space Authority launches its “Experiment in Space” initiative

The National Space Science Authority, in cooperation with Clever Play, Orbital Space and StarLab Oasis, organized a workshop to introduce the “Experiment in Space” initiative through visual media. More than 76 participants attended from university students and members of the National Space Science Authority Teaching, specialists, researchers and those interested in a number of research centers in the Kingdom.

About this initiative, Ms. Amal Al-Binali, Head of Strategic Planning and Projects at the National Space Science Authority, said: “This workshop is a continuation of the efforts made by the National Space Science Authority to achieve its strategic objectives in terms of building national capacities, advancing space science at the national level, and promoting innovation and development in line with the vision of Economic Kingdom 2030, where this workshop will contribute to encouraging students, academics and researchers to engage in the field of space science and its applications and enhance the fields of research related to it by sending an experiment to the International Space Station, which in turn enhances the quality of education, which is positively reflected on the classification of higher education institutions in the indicators This initiative comes in line with the two national strategies for higher education and scientific research.”

Al-Binali added: “This workshop received a remarkable interaction from the participants, as the lecturers answered a number of inquiries and questions that dealt with the type and size of experiments that can be participated in, the duration of the experiment on board the International Space Station, the mechanism of participation and its cost, in addition to reviewing On examples of the experiences sent in the past, including the first experience of the sisterly State of Kuwait related to the study of colonic bacteria that consume carbon dioxide for the purpose of exploiting them to reduce the speed of climate change, which was launched at the end of 2020 AD.

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For his part, the CEO of the National Space Science Authority, His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, said: “This is the third scientific initiative launched by the authority in the last six months. All of them are initiatives of a prominent position in the field of scientific research and all support innovation and creativity, and we hope to receive the participation of students and researchers of educational institutions. Al-Ali in Bahrain to participate in the making of space history in the Kingdom of Bahrain through their scientific contributions.

Al-Asiri concluded his statement by expressing sincere thanks and appreciation to the Higher Education Council for its continuous support for the commission’s initiatives and for motivating higher education institutions to participate.

It is worth noting that a number of participating parties have expressed a serious desire to adopt the idea of ​​sending the first Bahraini space experiment to highlight the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fields of space research and to register their names in the register of historical achievements at the national and global levels.