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For his withdrawal from the analysis of the Newcastle-Tottenham match.. Aboutrika raises controversy on the media

For his withdrawal from the analysis of the Newcastle-Tottenham match.. Aboutrika raises controversy on the media

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The former Egyptian player and current football analyst, Mohamed Aboutrika, sparked widespread controversy on Sunday, after his decision to withdraw from the analytical studio for the Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur match in the English Premier League, as a result of a fan having a heart attack.

Social media users were divided between supporters and opponents of Aboutrika’s behavior, as some saw that what he had done stemmed from high morals, while others found his behavior “populist.”

Egyptian journalist Osama Gawish said on his official page on Twitter: “Being affected by scenes or news of a heart attack for a fan is a natural, innate and human matter. …all respect to creation and man before the star was Muhammad Abu Trika,” he said.

For his part, Saudi journalist Salem Al-Dosari commented on what the Egyptian analyst did, saying: “The story is that there were those who liked the idea of ​​showing off and playing on the strings of emotion. He laughed at some of the audience a little and thought he could be fooled for a long time. He missed that what he was selling had become expendable merchandise.” Gluttony, “on the presenter of the program who allowed him to shade the viewers. What is the fault of someone who pays to participate and then finds someone who blocks himself with false populism?!”, as he put it.

Aboutrika had requested the media’s permission, Mohamed Saadoun Al-Kuwari, who ran the studio, to withdraw because he was out of focus due to a humanitarian situation (the fan had a heart attack) and to complete the match despite that, noting that he was not satisfied with himself when he completed the studio for the Denmark-Finland match. In the European Nations Cup, despite the fact that Denmark’s player Christian Eriksen suffered a heart attack.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Public Investment Fund had acquired the highest percentage of the shares of Newcastle United last week, to start with it a new era similar to the Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain projects.

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