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For leaking "nuclear" military secrets... a deterrent punishment against an American and his wife

For leaking “nuclear” military secrets… a deterrent punishment against an American and his wife

Jonathan Toby, 44, and his wife, Diana, 46, were arrested in October 2021, and they pleaded guilty to the charges.

The judge sentenced the wife to a longer prison term because she sought to downplay her role and needed more time to accept the admission of her responsibility.

Matthew Olsen, who oversees the files, said: National Security The Justice Department said in a statement that they “conspired to sell classified information that could have endangered men and women in the military and security of the country.” United State at risk.”

The merits of the case

  • Jonathan Toby has been designing reactors since 2012, according to the court filing subs Virginia-class, the latest generation of attack submarines in the world US fleet.
  • In April 2020, he sent a parcel to another country containing the first documents with instructions on making contact.
  • “I apologize for this bad translation in your language,” the engineer wrote at the time, and promised to provide “information of great value.”
  • Judicial authorities have not specified which country Toby contacted, but the New York Times said it Brazil.
  • In December 2020, the package arrived at the US Federal Police attache in that country.
  • The FBI then made a call with the engineer, pretending to be a representative of the country he wanted to cooperate with, and went so far as to put a mark on his embassy in Washington to prove to Toby that his interlocutor was not an investigator.
  • Toby received payments between June and August Cryptocurrency $100,000 in exchange for handing over confidential information about US Navy.
  • This data was kept on coded cards that the couple placed in pre-arranged places, hidden in a peanut butter sandwich, a pack of gum or a bandage wrap.
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