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For the first time... a tourist resort in Marsa Alam invites tourists to visit its kitchens

For the first time… a tourist resort in Marsa Alam invites tourists to visit its kitchens

Kamal Rashad

Posted on: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 – 10:37 PM | Last update: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 – 10:37 PM

In a new precedent not witnessed by hotels and tourist resorts in the city of Marsa Alam, south of the Red Sea Governorate, the management of one of the tourist resorts invited tourists to take a tour inside the kitchens to watch the chefs prepare meals and exchange information about the quality and types of Egyptian and European cuisine as a kind of exchange of cultures and to see the level of cleanliness inside the kitchens And follow-up the precautionary and preventive measures taken, and this was accepted and admired by tourists of various foreign nationalities.

Osman, General Manager of one of the tourist resorts in Marsa Alam, indicated that the resort management took advantage of the unstable weather as a result of strong winds laden with dust on the beaches and the lack of tourists sitting on the beaches and swimming pools, so they used their time to invite them to make tours inside the restaurants with the aim of seeing the chefs preparing meals; To gain the confidence of tourists and exchange information about Egyptian and European dishes, as a kind of entertainment and to break boredom as a result of tourists staying away from the beaches due to weather conditions.

He added that Marsa Alam hotels received this week more than 10,000 tourists through 64 flights coming from European airports, pointing out that Marsa Alam is witnessing an increase in the arrival rates of incoming tourist flights, especially those of Ukrainian tourists, as Marsa Alam Airport received 16 flights coming from Poland.

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For his part, Chef Ahmed Saleh, a general chef in one of the tourist resorts, explained that the tourists liked the idea and were keen to wear the chef’s uniform, and some of them were keen to prepare Western sweets and European meals themselves, adding that a Polish tourist prepared a Polish meal herself.