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For the first time behind the wheel of the Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS: How does the first electric Eros go?

For the first time behind the wheel of the Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS: How does the first electric Eros go?

After driving prototyping and getting to know the Enyaq Coupé for the first time in the studio, my last sweet homework was waiting for me. Find out how the final product works.

Maybe you still remember A short ride in September with the Skoda Elegance Coupe camouflage stripe. At the time, we learned, for example, that the SUV-coupe’s body design was originally supposed to arrive first, and the classic Enyaq design was to follow later. That such an electric novelty from Mladá Boleslav is even more interesting. However, electric mobility developed faster than anyone expected, so it was decided in 2018 that we’d have to wait a little longer for the Enyaq Coupé. Specifically until this year.

We already know each other

We wrote – probably everything is important about the Enyaqu Coupé, except for the ride itself. So let me give a brief reminder. The new product is 4mm (4653mm) in length and surprisingly a millimeter (1,617mm) higher than its more angular sibling. Width of 1879 mm and wheelbase of 2765 mm remains the same. You will not notice any changes from the arch to the B-pillars, all the innovations take place at the rear, where the roof slopes down, giving the impression of a coupe. The roof is always panoramic and equipped with technology that reflects the sun’s rays so there is no need for blinds. But those who still insist on coverage will find the foldable solution stored in the luggage compartment.

Unlike the classics, the Enyaq Coupé relies on a sporty look in all versions. The base coupe SUV already has the bumpers shaped like the Enyaqu Sportline, but with chrome details. The higher Sportline design gets black details. The top is then represented by the “ereso” we tested with a specific bumper, standard-fitted crystal face light up, Matrix LED headlights or twenty to twenty-one-inch wheels. Progressive management is also included.

We also know from the past that cutting the roof doesn’t have a significant negative effect on the luggage compartment or the space in the second row. The suitcase can accommodate 570 liters, which is only fifteen liters less than the classic suitcase. And in the back, with a height of 178 cm, I am sitting behind me with a huge reserve in front of my knees and above my head. Even a fellow 186 cm tall did not complain. The roof is glazed, but extends beyond the heads of the occupants, taking up not even a millimeter of space. In addition, it pleases the formation of the rear seats, the body floats, so it is pleasant even on long trips. In addition, the four-wheel drive coupe has a lower air resistance coefficient than a conventional SUV. This, combined with better aerodynamics, means that the latest with the largest flashlight can handle 10 to 15 km more on a single charge.

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The driver’s workplace remains exactly the same as the ordinary Enyaq. You will surely remember that the Mladá Boleslav electric car was inspired by the world of modern life in the composition of materials and colors in the interior. This is accompanied by a blurry 5.3-inch digital instrument panel and a massive 13-inch infotainment screen. All important functions are triggered here, including temperature settings. With the arrival of the Enyaqu Coupé, there has also been an important software update, but we’ll get to that eventually…


let’s ride!

As I already announced, we didn’t go to picturesque Tuscany, where it’s currently around 15°C, and we didn’t go to see the Enyaq Coupé RS, but we mainly go for driving. So, shortly after we reached the destination, we took the keys in one piece and set off. It’s, of course, an “ereso” in Mamba Green that’s hard to miss (see gallery) and is worn on 21-inch wheels. Even this hefty shoe gets aerodynamic covers that reduce consumption. But don’t worry, just as with the Kodiaq RS, the plastic is removable.

The Enyaq Coupé RS features an asynchronous electric motor at the front and a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets at the rear. Yes, it is an ATV with the same technology as the 80x version, but here it is tuned to more interesting parameters. “Ereso” promises a maximum power of 220 kW (299 hp) and a torque of 460 Nm. I write promises on purpose, because in order to achieve the highest standards, many conditions must be met, and the driver does not always have a direct influence on them. For example, a usable 77 kWh battery must be charged at least 88%, plus the battery must be in the optimum temperature window of 23 to 50 ° C. However, the outside temperature may also affect the maximum performance. When you reach the ideal window, the maximum is available for only 30 seconds. Acceleration from zero to hundreds takes 6.5 seconds (we are still talking about a car with an emergency weight of 2255 kg) and you can travel on the mud of the German car at a maximum speed of 180 km / h.

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The tables promise a range of 504 km according to the WLTP methodology, and our trim shows a 100% charge. We’re heading down the first winding roads, and since my colleague and I are interested in “eres” skills on a full-time team, we’re definitely not going to be depreciating. after Experience with VW ID.4 GTX For me, the dynamics and features of the news are not a surprise. Especially when accelerating from standstill, less than 300 hp can push you into the seat, but agile acceleration from higher speeds is no longer so intense. You can feel the attraction, but it certainly won’t confuse the whole world around you.

According to the creators, the tuning of the chassis itself is identical to the regular Enyaq. Already during testing, we were pleased with a smooth, swaying ride, despite the large wheels. Anyone who expected “Eriso” to be more compact in principle would be mistaken. Here, too, the fully adaptive chassis sways in rest mode, and switching to sport slightly eliminates this feature. Thus, even in the most difficult settings possible, the adaptive chassis focuses on comfort rather than sporty driving characteristics, which is matched by the steering. More solid, but without any backlash. Ironically, for a brighter pace, I found a “non-sporting” setup more convenient to manage, as I had better control over all of these. Such tuning is, of course, possible in individual mode, where you can adjust the details of the car completely according to you.

If you don’t drive the full rim, but just pick a reasonably fast pace, even this rounded box can mesh into corners without any signs of body yaw and significant tilt. These pathologies occur only when a sudden change of direction is required, when the electronic assistant intervenes relatively quickly. We did not look at the operational economy at all in the first seventy kilometers, and “Eriso” several times moved to the maximum permissible speeds under full throttle, the result was a consumption of 27.4 kWh.

But do not be afraid. The second clip, leaving this time at a leisurely pace, when we’re not moving too slowly, but trying to blend in with Italian traffic, brought us an appetite of 13 kWh. Sure, the Enyaqu Coupé RS wished for a lot of nice spring weather, yet it’s a good number for an electric car with great weight and a big front. In the end, the second trip seemed more fun to me. The relaxed pace suits the car more, even at the age of twenty-one it is perfectly comfortable and navigates through the landscape without any major hits or stomps.

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It didn’t stop me from concluding by asking myself if the 80x design wouldn’t be enough for most users to be fully satisfied. The same technique, which takes only half a second for a hundred and cuts the maximum speed limiter at 160 km / h, which is 20 km / h less. But it is also 160,000 CZK cheaper and does not look less attractive. Sure, the ereso still retains this hallmark, but the other differences and benefits are unclear on the electric vehicle.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV: preliminary technical data
Version 80 80 times RS
Leader butt In all rounds In all rounds
Total battery capacity / usable [kWh] 82/77 82/77 82/77
high performance [kW] 150 195 220
torque [Nm] 310 425 460
Acceleration 0-100 km/h [s] 8.7 7 6.5
maximum speed [km/h] 160 160 180

with a new program

Although the new version of the software comes with the start of production of the Enyaqu Coupé, it applies to all Enyaqs, including those already in operation. Important innovations of the ME 3 system include, for example, air updates and battery care. Now battery temperature control starts at lower temperatures early and not only does it not turn it on and off, but the system constantly monitors and adjusts the temperature to ensure the perfect window in most situations. Another novelty is to deactivate the easier path through the icon on the bottom bar or store a parking maneuver, for example in your work. You can see how it all works below, along with a list of other innovations. Yes, and by the way, the Enyaq brand will also have a classic cut! It should be presented to the world in the middle of this year.

ME 3 main news

  • Travel assist 2.5 seconds assisted overtaking
  • Higher charging power (up to 135 kW)
  • ASR is fully interchangeable (or sport mode) even for loafers
  • ATV Traction Mode
  • Enhanced virtual cockpit display
  • Improved rear parking camera view
  • Front screen with improved screen
  • Enhanced navigation screen incl. travel data