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For the first time... Revealing the reasons for the dispute between the two artists, Hoda Hussein and Hayat Al-Fahd (video)

For the first time… Revealing the reasons for the dispute between the two artists, Hoda Hussein and Hayat Al-Fahd (video)

date of publication:
April 11, 2022 13:07 GMT

Update date: April 11, 2022 14:55 GMT

Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan revealed, for the first time, the details of the dispute between the two artists, Hoda Hussein and Hayat Al-Fahd.

Al-Aidan said, “The reason for this dispute is the artist’s sympathy with Abdul Aziz Al-Qattan, during the period of his marital dispute with Hoda Hussein.”

May Al-Aidan praised the artist, Hoda Hussein, during her program “Account Statement”, considering that her handling of the dispute was classy by not responding.

She said, “Hoda Hussein is an important artist, presents a fine art, and does not talk about anyone, and this in itself is sophistication, even on the subject of her dispute with the life of the cheetah.”

She added, “I believe with a sincere and honest heart that the mistake was from the life of the cheetah and not from Huda Hussein. They may not like to say, but the issue was media and Huda’s right to be upset.”

Al-Aidan indicated that “Hoda Hussein had the right to be upset with the life of the leopard, especially since the latter spoke about her separation in the media and recorded a position against her.”

She explained the reason for the dispute, saying: “Huda Hussein’s disagreement with Hayat Al-Fahd, that when she was married to Abdul Aziz Al-Qattan, and when there were marital differences between them, Abdul Aziz Al-Qattan used to go to the right of the Cheetah’s life when she had enough.”

And she continued, “The truth is Suzan’s mother, she was swept away and spoke about this problem in Al-Seyassah newspaper, and she stood with Abdel Aziz Al-Qattan against Huda Hussein.”

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Al-Eidan criticized the lack of media controls that prevent talking about these differences in the media, and Huda Hussein, at the same time, held some blame, especially as she was able to end the dispute when she had the opportunity, but she continued.

She said: “I see because in these days there was no law in the press that forbids talking about marital matters, and Huda remained silent and I believe that she is after a mistake in one part.”

And she added: “When the radio went and encountered Hayat Al-Fahd, she turned her face, and this was wrong. She should greet her, and if there is a mistake, Huda Hussein contains it and takes her to the side and says, “Oh, you don’t understand the issue.”

It is noteworthy that the differences between Hoda Hussein and Hayat Al-Fahd were many years ago.

When Hoda Hussein asked about the reasons for the dispute during her guest appearance on one of the programs, she refused to talk about it, saying: God forgave what was preceded, and she remains the great professor and has her place.

And she continued: “All my successful beginnings were with her, and she was a mother to us in the location and will remain so. She said that I will not work in any work in which Huda Hussein, but I will work in any work in which the life of the cheetah.”

Huda Hussein’s speech, at the time, was respected by everyone, as social media activists spoke of Huda Hussein’s respect for her colleague Hayat Al-Fahd, despite the differences between them.

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