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For the first time, Russian forces are retreating north-east of Kyiv

A senior Pentagon official said, on Wednesday, that for the first time the battlefield witnessed a retreat of Russian forces in the northeast of the capital.

He told reporters at a daily briefing, about The situation in Ukraine The Russian forces have begun to take defensive positions in the northwestern axis of Kyiv, and they are not advancing at all.

The senior official also considered that the reason was due to the resistance of the Ukrainians to the Russian forces, noting that there was also a retreat of the Russian forces in Kharkiv.

Fierce battles in Mariupol

“The battles are fierce in the vicinity of Mariupol and the city is under heavy bombardment, stressing that some Russian forces are present inside the city and the clashes are inside the city,” he added.

He also said that the Russian forces, in return for retreating or stopping in the vicinity of the capital, are focusing their efforts on the eastern region, and according to estimates they want to eliminate the Ukrainian supply lines in the east of the country.

Russian tanks in Mariupol (Reuters)

He also announced that the Russian forces have so far bombed 1,200 missiles on the western neighbor, adding that there are no confirmations about Russia’s preparation of a chemical or biological attack in Ukraine.

Dangerous atmosphere under the control of the Ukraine

“The Russian forces still have a lot of ready-to-use missiles of all kinds, that is, ballistic and transit missiles,” he added, noting that Russian aviation avoids entering dangerous atmospheres controlled by the Ukraine.

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The senior official said that the Americans will complete in the coming hours the delivery of military equipment from a package of 350 million, and within two days they will start delivering aid from a package of 800 million, indicating that the priority is to deliver anti-armor (Javlin) and anti-aircraft (Stinger).

From Kharkiv (AFP)

From Kharkiv (AFP)

He also said that there are no indications that Belarus is ready to join Russian military operations in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the Russian military operation, launched on February 24, prompted an unprecedented security alert in Europe, while all Western countries joined forces to support Ukraine with weapons and humanitarian aid.

While the West imposed harsh and painful sanctions on the Russians, they affected many sectors, companies, and banks, as well as businessmen and wealthy people, politicians and representatives.