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لأول مرة.. الفنان وسام صليبا يبوح بإصابته بمرض خطير

For the first time, the artist Wissam Saliba reveals that he has a serious illness

Follow- Gram Muhammad

During his hosting on the “Echo of the Stadiums” program with the Syrian journalist Mustafa Al-Agha. After Agha asked the artist Wissam Saliba to say what he wanted. He chose to reveal his serious illness, which he has been suffering from for several months.

Before revealing the details of his illness. He turned to his father and asked him if he should. The latter asks him not to do so. But he decided to speak about it frankly. Wissam said that he discovered about 8 months ago that he had plate sclerosis. But it’s light class.

His father, the Lebanese star Ghassan Saliba, sent a painful message about the situation in Lebanon. Specifically, seeing corrupt politicians in front of him every day, whether on television or in public places, without being held accountable. He said: “There is something that hurts me a lot. Sometimes you live in your country. And you can’t actually change like what you want. You will become uncle Dob. It corrodes from the air. And you are seeing people who are hurting you every day in front of you. And every day on TVs. And every day there are people who are Attblin.

The Lebanese actor revealed the details of his difficult illness. He confirmed that he accepted it. He is keen to follow up on his condition. and exercise. He lives his life normally.

And the audience interacted widely with the beautiful meeting that brought together the two stars. And wished for the Medal of Health. And the ability to overcome the difficulties that accompany the discovery of his disease. Note that multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. It affects the brain and spinal cord, causing damage to the membrane surrounding nerve cells, which leads to hardening of the cells. Hence slow. Or stop the flow of nerve impulses traveling between the brain and the organs of the body.