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For the second day.. Kabul women demonstrate in defense of freedoms

For the second day.. Kabul women demonstrate in defense of freedoms

For the second day in a row, I went out Dozens of Afghan womenToday, Saturday, defying fear, to demand their rights.

The demonstrators raised banners and chants, according to video clips broadcast by activists, calling for their rights to education, work and the preservation of freedoms.

However, the Taliban prevented the protesters from going to the presidential palace and dispersed the demonstration.

A march towards the presidential palace

Also yesterday, the Afghan capital, which has been under the control of the Taliban since the middle of last month, witnessed an unusual scene, after a women’s march to demand women’s rights took place. A few dozen female demonstrators gathered outside the presidential palace in Kabul to demand support for women’s rights achieved under the auspices of the West and the inclusion of women in the next government.

Yesterday, participants also distributed a document stating that Afghan women should be granted full rights to education, social and political contributions to the country’s future, and to public freedoms, including freedom of expression.

Demonstrators near the presidential palace in Kabul (The Associated Press)

Also, the western city of Herat witnessed, on Thursday, about 50 women taking to the streets, in a rare demonstration to demand the right to work and to protest the absence of women from the government. The demonstrators chanted slogans calling for women’s rights and chanted, “It is our right to get education, work and security.” They also chanted, “We are not afraid, we are united.”

The position of the international community

It is noteworthy that these women’s voices are rising after a leader in the Taliban announced that the next government will not include women, adding that under the new rule, women will not have the possibility to occupy high positions in the state.

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This comes while the international community stresses the need for the movement that controlled the country to preserve human rights and freedoms, otherwise there will be no recognition or treatment of its government by the West.